Balenciaga Work with Giant Acc

  1. Always wanted to purchase a Balenciaga but I can't stand all the knock offs out there! Hoping the one with the giant hardware will be harder to knock off so am considering buying one. Any color preferences? I am not big on white bags but I must admit that Balenciaga white/bone are really quite nice.

    I also just saw a large green Balenciaga whistle bag that I fancied. Anyone know where they might sell these in Los Angeles or online?
  2. My suggestion is not online or in LA, but Bal NY would probably be your best bet for a green whistle.
    Other possibilities are Barneys and Neiman Marcus (SF Union Square store tends to have quite a bit of Balenciaga).

    The naturel (ivory?) GH (giant hardware) seems to be quite lovely, on many styles... the brief especially. I wouldn't worry about a knockoff if you are planning on buying the real thing, especially from a reputable retailer. While to the untrained eye they may be one and the same, fellow Balenciaga fans will recognize whatever you decide to purchase for the authentic work of art it is. Don't be scared away from the regular hardware if you like it as well for the fear of fakes alone. Good luck in your search! BTW, I have a whistle bag and LOVE it. I highly recommend the whistles.