Balenciaga Work Bag In Grenat 2006 ????

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  1. Good day Bbag Expert :yahoo:

    Fiist of all, just need to tell you how happy I am at time I found this valuable forum.

    I am quite new to Bbag and now facing problem of Authenticity Bbag on a few purchasing from eBay :crybaby: In fact, there is one of my eBay transaction for Bbag that is now under Dispute and I am now liaising with the Paypal for refund. So sad :tdown:

    Well....back to bizs....

    I just be able to find another Bbag on the eBay. Please any of you guys take a close look into the attached photo herewith... For my inexpert feeling, it looks authentic to me. However, I really need to have your valued comments about this bag and what should be the proper price.

    I will be looking forward to your comments - thanks...

    61d9_12.jpg 65ad_12.jpg 639b_12.jpg 646f_12.jpg 5ed1_12.jpg
  2. This should be posted in the authenticate this thread. There's been some discussion about the seller... she's been using multiple handles on ebay. Not sure what that's about. (All this is in the Authentication thread). This is a real bag, though.
  3. yes please- closing now :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.