Balenciaga with the gold hardware

  1. I am in the middle of deciding to purchase an "authentic" balenciaga city bag, 07 collection in Cobalt color. Not even sure if this color exists, does it even come in that color? How can I spot if it is a fake?
  2. cobalt color, i think that's aquamarine right?
  3. yes, that is aquamarine. :smile:
  4. Cobalt is the color from Spring/Summer 2007 and we called it aquamarine. It is a very pretty color. This color comes in regular hardware and GOLD giant hardware. If you have pictures of the link on eBay, you can post in this thread for authenticate bbags, good luck :smile:
  5. Thanks for your do I click on there and paste the link to the website or do I just put pics of the bag?
  6. ^^either way will work ... whatever you prefer.