Balenciaga with Crossbody????

  1. The SA told me this weekend that there are only two Balenciaga bags that are worn crossbody, but I forget which ones. Anyone know the two? Thanks, ladies!
  2. For bags that are still in production (not discontinued) as far as I know there are more than two. These are the ones I know of - Velo, Town, Maxi Twiggy (these also came with handles) and Neo Falk.
    There are smaller bags like Hip, Pocket that can also be worn crossbody.
    I think there are more, I just couldn't keep up with all new styles released recently..

  3. I just think of another crossbody bag - Pom Pon!!
  4. Among those that have been discontinued, we can add the Strategy, the men's Day and the Courier.

    There are also two new bags: the Voyage and the Kraft. Both are quite large -- larger than the Velo. The Kraft is like a Velo on steroids only with a very narrow pocket on the front.
  5. is the Voyage also called Polly??
    this is like Maxi Twiggy + Box :smile:
    pic-polly 06.jpg pic-polly 09.jpg
  6. ^^ Oh, I like the Polly, but the Voyage is different.

    Here are pictures that my SA sent me: First one is Voyage, second one is Kraft.
    IMGP0846.JPG IMGP0848.JPG
  7. Town and Velo I guess
  8. Velo can for sure. I have one and it's a very long strap.
  9. Ooh, i like the Kraft! It looks more like a city on steroids :biggrin:
    Looks like between a work and a city, nice, so much leather to love!!
    Dont like the voyage and that gold logo..
  10. ^^^ I didn't like the Voyage either.

    The Kraft is slouching a bit here but it's quite square and not quite as east-west as the City. You're right, it's like a cross between the Work and the city. It is truly huge. It's very deep (I mean the dimension from front to back) so I'm sure it would hold a tonne. I tried it on cross body and I think it would be uncomfortably heavy to wear if it were full. Also, it doesn't have "ears", i.e., the zipper doesn't extend beyond the width of the bag, so access is slightly constrained.

    Definitely lots of leather to love!
  11. I've seen pictures of the Part Time worn crossbody and it looks really cute on petite girls.
  12. Are these in stock now? It looks like a Neiman's??? Sorry for the questions, but I am on a mission to find a cross body bag:graucho:
  13. I am in Canada and they were in stock at Holt Renfrew. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what availability would be at Neiman's.
  14. How much was the Kraft bag, if you recall. Thanks! Also on the hunt for a crossbody - considering Velo but the Kraft looks more fun!
  15. This thread is perfect because I can't start a thread yet!

    Anyone owns the mens courier and the day bag?

    I am looking for a surpirse gift for my boyfriend and I don't know which one to get because I am quite confused about the size. He is 1.8m and I am looking at an everyday bag. Need an opinion! Thanks!


    Day bag: