Balenciaga White Color

  1. Hi everyone,

    Does the white bbag vary in color from season to season at all (not the hardware). I saw one on someone recently, and it looked like a creamy white...not such a copy paper white. It was extraordinarily beautiful. Does anyone have one of these beauties? If so, please post pics or links to a pic..

  2. Here's an authentic ivory Balenciaga from 2003 with the longer strap... it definitely won't last long, it's a beautiful color (even with the 'vintage' wear) and can be cleaned up with apple conditioner if you prefer. It's a STEAL, and I want someone to snatch it up... the 2003 leather is totally indescribable, honestly - it is so amazing. 6875257765
  3. ^ ARGHHHH!!! I was actually looking for one... :sad::cry::cry: It's gone now...
  4. aw.. I'm so sorry hat :sad: I knew it would be snatched up, I wonder who got it!
  5. Here are pics of my whiite city which I got a month ago. It has a few grey undertones, not creamy and not a stark white either. At first I didn't like it but now i'm totally in love. The pictures though make it seem stark and don't show the true color. I was told that the white shades vary from season to the next but the one coming out in the fall will be the same as mine. You should definitely get the white - it's a beauty!

    I also want to add that the leather is subtly distressed but seems thicker than my ink - less veiny and not crackly at all...but still very soft.
    white city 2.JPG white city 3.JPG White city 1.JPG
  6. Nice ... :smile: Enjoy!
  7. I had the same bag. Its funny how the pics make it look much more white than it really is. Its pretty, kind of a chalky white, with gray undertones. Had to sell mine though, just couldnt get use to being so protective of the color and dirt.:sad: Im sooo loving my apple though!
  8. you might be talking about calcaire, it has sort of pinkish fleshy undertones. Loganz is selling a calcaire hobo in the marketplace section right now, take a look at that and see if it matches.
  9. yes, white does vary from season to season. i had a white twiggy from 2003 or 2004 the first year they made them, i now have a great white work from 2005. it will gget dirty, ny friend bought my twiggy fter it was professionally cleaned bc i thought it changed color but she loved it! dont obsesss too much about white bals, just enjoy and use them.
  10. I'm so in love with mine but havent used her at all - am so afraid to get her all dirty. I guess this is the trouble with white:worried: But i'm keeping her anyway...Ooh, the apple is such a yummy color! Saw your pics and it's absolutely TDF!
  11. i think any WHITE b-bag is yum!!! i just can't wait to get one!!! hehehe!
  12. Yes! It is the calcaire...I think its soft & warm looking...much prettier than the regular white (at least in pics)...