Balenciaga White Box vs Brown Box

  1. Hello everyone~
    I was just confused with regards to both the white and brown boxes. Do all stores offer both boxes? So far I've only purchased from AR and they had both. Was just wondering if Diabro or BalNY etc provide boxes as well?
    Hope to hear your experiences and opinions :p

  2. Box is a discontinued style so is not so easy to find boxes in the shops even if somewhere you can find them yet
  3. I think she means boxes that the bags come in, right? Some do, some don't. I think I have purchased two that didn't come in boxes.
  4. I have only purchased from AR, received white boxes only.
  5. i received a white one from AR and it's a 'wrong' box. i bought a Work but the box was meant for a hobo or something. i've no issues with it, though.

    as for diabro, i think they didn't send me any bal box (!!). oh well, it's history. i did get the dust bag.
  6. Diabro doesn't provide the box, but all the rest. I've only gotten a white box so far.
  7. white box from balny
  8. I've only gotten one from BalNY, and the box was white. No box from Barneys, Saks, or Neimans for the bags I've gotten from them. I haven't ordered from AR or Diabro, so can't say what happens with them.