Balenciaga Whistle or Rebecca Minkoff Matinee bag?? Help please...

  1. I'm going to get one of these bags...the question is which one.

    Balenciaga Whistle has my vote at the moment but the RM Matinee is kinder to my credit card! They are a similar shape so I won't get both (trust me, I've thought about that option long and hard).
  2. I prefer the Bal Whistle. The RM Mat doesn't do anything for me. I don't hate it but I don't love it. I'm obsessed with Bal and I've been thinking about getting a Whistle too so I guess we're in the same boat. But the purses are so similar so if $ really is an issue then stick to RM but if the price isn't that much less then I would so get the Bal. Between the two of us at least one of us should get the whistle lol because I'm still deciding :confused1:!!
  3. I'd go with the matinee due to heavy quality problems balenciaga has/had the last year. IMo you get much more quality for your money.

  4. I disagree with this statement. Balenciaga bags are of high quality and high demand = higher price point. There have been a few issues with Balenciaga bags but there are issues with many designers quality such as Chanel and LV and they designers always do their upmost to keep their customer happy if a bag has a defect. I own a balenciaga bag from 2006 which is supposedly the year of bad leather and my bag is more beautiful and smooshy a year later. If you want a seasonal bag go with the Rebecca Minkoff matinee but if you are looking for a bag to carry for years to come and that will always be timeless go with Balenciaga!
  5. If the bags were the same price, which one would you get? While I understand that for the price of one Bbag you can get a couple bags (and who wouldn't want more bags?), if the Bbag is the one you love the other bags that you could get for the same amount of money don't mean as much.
  6. I vote for Balenciaga Whistle. Bluefly has quite a few Balenciaga Whistle listed with good price.
  7. i have owned both...most recently with the silver GH in green...the leather on the green bbag is exactly the same leather as the one on the MAM by RM...i've compared both...i think that balenciaga bags are gorgeous and have amazing leather, BUT i feel the same way about the RM bags and their customer service appears to be more user friendly and personal...
  8. I just got the Bal Whistle for Christmas (thanks to my hubby!) and I looovvve it! The leather's thick and smooshy, interior's roomy, and it's just gorgeous, period. Definitely looks much better IRL than in pics.

    I know I'm a bit biased but I say get the Whistle. You won't regret it. As for price, you may be able to find one on sale if you're patient enough to call around....good luck!
  9. I would get the whistle. I have one in brown, and I love it! The leather is simply scrumptious!
  10. I do have a lot of personal experience with bbags as I owned and own quite a lot but with a couple of the new bags I had a lot of quality problems which I never had with the older bags (since 2003-2005) especially 2007 wasn't the best year for this brand and I'm not convinced with the 2008 bags i saw so far which had all pretty stiff and veiny leather. IMO for the price they ask they don't deliver the quality anymore.
  11. I agree with this...assuming everything else was the same, which bag do you lust after more?
  12. Id go for the matinee. The Bal whistle doesnt strike me as any better than a Matinee bag, and IMO, I feel the Matinee has better quality, leather, and details. Save your money, get a Matinee, and be a kick-ass chick with a bad-ass bag and have left over money to spare!
  13. Balihai, That is great advice. I'm going to approach each bag dilema the same way from now on. Definitely the Bbag then.
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  15. I have both bags, in fact I have two matinees and a large whistle. I really don't think they are too similar because the whistle is actually smaller. I'll try to post pics tomorrow.

    It would be hard for me to chose one over the other, but I find myself carrying the matinees much more than the whistle. It annoyes me the lack of pockets the balenciaga has. That is completely NOT the case with the matinee. Also, the strap drop is a bit bigger on the matinee so it fits over the shoulder much more comfortably than the whistle.

    As far as the quality, I'd say they are equal. The leather on the balenciaga is sooo yummy. But the leathers of the RM bags are all so different, so it would depend on which color you are wanting. Some are softer than others, some are more durable than others. My matinees are in elephant and dark grey, and the leathers are sooo different. So I have to ask, what color matinee are you most interested in?

    I also have to mention that even though I think the buckle on the whistle is cute, I find it annoying when I'm getting into my purse. It's one more step when I'm in a hurry. So after saying all that, I guess if I were to have to chose only one, it would be the matinee.