balenciaga whistle key purse at filene's union square

  1. I have on hold a balenciaga whistle key purse in beige at the Filene's Basement in Union Square. The bag is missing the key and the whistle needs a bit of a shine, but otherwise it looks good. Mind you, I am not a BBag expert. If you're interested in collecting it, PM me and I'll tell you the name it is being held under. I will give the name to the first three people who PM me.

    Please note, the only reason I'm not putting my name in the post is so people don't waste their time going to the store if it has already been purchased.

    I also saw black Jimmy Choo Ramona, small black shaggy Prada, two Chole bags.

    And thanks to the wonderful tpf-er for posting this 20% off coupon earlier. It is good until 9/25.