Balenciaga whistle & key. HELP!

  1. Hiiiii

    I was going to take the plunge & purchase this Balenciaga whistle & key bag that I found on BUT my experience with bluefly isnt that great. I once ordered what I thought was a black fendi spy & got this puffy fendi that looked nothing like the picture!

    Check out the link

    & heres the picture


    what is your experience with this bag?
    does lambskin mean its not good quality?
    help! haha.
    I really think its a beautiful bag & would like to purchase it, but I dont wanna go ahead & spend so much money on something thats going to disappoint me when it arrives.

  2. Here's a cut and paste from one of my old posts:
    Why a City/twiggy girl would want a Whistle bag
    I first became interested when I saw the black/silver combo. Thought it looked like the shape of the twiggy (which I love) but the large size seemed bigger (which I wanted).

    Similar to a twiggy but with a silver buckle and leather straps across the length of the top zipper. Calf leather, not goat like the motorcycle line. Has the cutest little silver whistle and key on a small chain around a strap. Lock seems purely decorativie.
    Dimensions of large bag (avail in 3 sizes): 17" x 9" x 11" 16" strap, can be worn over the shoulder. Retail $1590 (?). In comparison the twiggy measures 14" x 7" x 6" and usually cannot be worn on the shoulder.

    So I got it and...
    I love it! It's still a really cool Bbag, but it's a change for those of us who might have a dozen and are getting a bit bored (God I sound pretentious! Really I'm not).
    I love my cities in classic colors, and die for the 03's and 04's with pewter hardware (almost impossible to find a twiggy in those). I also love the shape of the twiggy because I find it "sits" better on a table or counter. The city spralls like an ungainly big dog, panting, with it's tongue hanging out. I've also often thought, I love the twiggy, but find it a touch too small for a day in the life of a busy mom. The silver hardware totally attracts me as I'm not so much a gold or brass girl.
    Lambskin is thicker and more substantial than goat leather, but still wonderfully soft and distressed. I *really* love it. It does add a bit of weight to the bag, nothing like a paddy though.

    Who would want this?
    Someone who is bored of the "regular" motorcycle line and is looking for a change.
    A gal who loves the shape of the twiggy but finds it too small.
    Someone who is just jonesing for silver hardware and can't resist the lure of the adorable whistle, lock and key.
    A Chloe girl who finds the paddy too damn heavy too drag around. Really, this is Balenciaga's version of the paddy, and having owned both, I can honestly say I prefer the Whistle.

    So here are pics. I got the cafe color and attached the tassle from the mirror onto the zipper (the moto line has conditioned me, can't live without my tassles) and it's taking every ounce of will power not to chop off that silly zipper pull. And if anyone wants to send me another cafe tassle I would be eternally greatful!
    One of the pics shows how large the bag is with my rouge vif money inside.

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  3. ha that was enough to convince me.
    & those are really some of the same reasons I was attracted to that bag too.

    thank you!