Balenciaga, which one?

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  1. I have been admiring Balenciaga bags for quite awhile, but was wondering where everyone is buying theirs? Can you ever buy one at a discounted price other than ebay? I'm not into ebay anymore. I've been burned once too many times. Thanks for any help.
  2. Check out the Balenciaga Shopping subforum for lots of info on where to buy Bal bags. I don't often see them on sale, but you can order from certain stores (like Aloha Rag) and not pay tax if you're out of state. Also, you can find authentic Bals at and
  3. Thanks balihai88. I appreciate the advice.
  4. i bought mine at neiman. i have seen one or two pop up on smart-bargains
  5. I saw some at Barneys the other day. They were not on sale.
  6. Aloha Rag.
  7. Neiman Marcus has a great selection and I'm eying one as a matter of fact...
  8. I would go to Neimans or Barneys or Saks. They do go on sale at Neimans during Christmas too!
  9. Has anyone heard of There are bbags on there as low as 630.00. One is even 590.00. The site claims to sell 100% authentic items. I am going to jump all over these bags if they are indeed the real deal.
  10. Never mind.... I just found the answer in the Balenciaga forum.
  11. AR for me. IMO, hassle free, fast shipping and great service.:smile:
  12. if you dont have an account at Barneys or SAKS, you can open one up and get 10% off on the first purchase :smile:
  13. AR also offers 3% with their membership. I personally like BalNY because I hate dealing with SAs I don't really know and I found an SA at BalNY who's pretty nice (I've ordered all my Bbags from her). BalNY also usually seems to have the colors I want, so I usually stick with them. Since I don't live in NY or CA, I'm not charged tax and get free shipping. :yes: