Balenciaga: What Keeps The Interest Alive

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  1. I found TPF due to LV fling. I still like LV, and there's many here, even in BBAG section who still loves it. But, I personally found myself bored!

    This is NOT an anti-LV or anti-other designer thread, :nogood:but a Pro-Balenciaga thread.:tup:

    I never get bored with reading the threads in the Bal forum, like I used to in LV. THat's because every bag, even in the same color is so unique in it's saturation and leather.

    Each individual has different preferences for what makes their bag special. Then there's the whole hardware specific that makes the bags once again stand out in their own way.

    By now, I thought I'd be bored. But every thread of each new different than "And here's another mono speedy!" lol (Yes, I contributed to that at one time as well!):sleepy:

    Anyway, ramble aside...KUDOS to Balenciaga and the never-boring-drool-worthy display of bags and modeling going on here! :drinkup::drinks:
  2. And I couldn't agree more! Believe me mshel, I am wayyyy old enough to be over this kind of obsession and addiction, but I am not over it at all! I have bought 7 Bbags since September of 2007. Does that tell you something?? I love reading the threads and posts and seeing the droolworthy pictures of the bags because, as you said, they are all different!! Guess we are addicted for the long haul!!
  3. ^^ Hear, hear! I was an LV gal once, hence "Louis_gal", when I first joined TPF and like you mshel, I have sold off almost all except for my Speedy and Musette GM. I still like LV (a teenie, weenie bit), but my :heart: really belongs to Bal.:love: I actually prefer the LV accessories to Bal, so I'm still sort of in the loop there. Now my only wish is that I could change my TPF member name to Bal gal!:P
  4. I really like LV accessories too! Esp the new colors they have. But yes, when it comes to bags, nothing compares to BAL!
  5. Oh good, I'm not the only one! lol! I love LV too and majority of my collection is LV but lately BAL has stolen my heart! I love love love all the colors ~ so vibrant and cheers me up a lot. I still love LV esp. the new colors of the Epi and Vernis ~ namely "purples" of course ... but I may be in trouble with my new addiction!
  6. ^^^ You could contact a mod for that and request it;)
  7. I still like the LV luggage but there is something magical about´s hard to explain but I know you all know what I´m talking about;)

  8. Oh, I didn't know that you could do that! If I change my member name, I wouldn't want my Bal-sistas to think I'm a newbie to TPF, so I think I'll just keep it for now. But I will definitely keep it in mind. Thanks SweetPurple!;)
  9. you are right every balenciaga bag is unique, even one with the same style same color same year, that's what makes these bags so interesting and not boring. i must say that all the ladies and gentlemen who are the proud owners of b bags are so nice and fun. that makes me enjoy reading every single thread.
    i love b bags more and more everyday. i can't get enough of these beauties. the modeling pictures on this forum are droolworthy too.:tup:
  10. I love the colors and the leather. I also love how light they are compared to other leathers. I don't have to baby them too much (even though I do)...
  11. :yes: Yup, that's what does it for me too. I never get bored looking at Bbags. I've visited the Day club about twenty times and each time I scroll through, I always enjoy looking all the different colors/leather variations.
  12. ^^Me too! I'm always in the reference section and depending on what my newest obsession is, find myself seeing the bags/styles in a new light and interest all of the time!

    It just never gets old! "Yeah" from me and "Boo-hiss" from my wallet! :smile:
  13. ^Bal is my TPF home, thanks to the lovely ladies and gorgeous bags, and I especially like the friendly, positive (dare I say supportive ;) ) atmosphere here :love:
    Bal has no obvious logo, gorgeous leather and colors, bags with "character", they are light, comfy and not everybody has them... :tup:
  14. I wonder this too. Other than Balenciaga - I love Bottega Veneta, Gerard Darel and I have one Muse bag and YSL accessories that I love. But Balenciaga is my first love. I think it's the beautiful leathers and the colors that the select. I never seem to tire of the style.
  15. here here!!