Balenciaga: Weekender v. PT

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  1. Hello!

    This is my first post here! I am a huge City bag fan but I've been looking for something bigger for travel... I've never seen a weekender but I love that the PT has a long strap like the city. That is crucial for me! does anyone have advice or information on the weekender? I don't live in NYC or LA so unfortunatly I only get to a Balenciaga store a few times a year. My NM doesn't carry Balenciaga....

  2. Thanks for the speedy response! NY's been out of the Black PT since I tried getting it in Feb. so I'm gonna call LA tonight. I think it's the best choice since it's got the strap!!!:jammin:

    Thanks again for your input- what a great website!!!
  3. Jira's links should be really helpful, and I wanted to add that the PT isn't that much bigger than the City...only a few inches. The work is the size between the PT and the Weekender, but it does not have a strap.
  4. i see.... looking at the photos Jira provided, I really like the shape of the weekender. I didn't realize that the handles were long enough to fit on my shoulder. it's definitely something to look into.

    thanks for the heads up about the work Ahertz. I'm going to look at that as well!