balenciaga weekender for men ?

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  1. hi every one,
    i found out about balenciaga a while back maybe a year or 2 ago... and ever since i wanted a balenciaga weekender. i am 18 years old and about to go to collage (hopefully fit or parsons) so im saving up for one. to me the bag is very masculine and i was just wondering could a straight guy could where this bag as a every day bag ? or is it to fiminine ?
    please dont take afence any one im jus wondering;)..... so please let me know what you all think
  2. I think the only slightly feminine thing about the Weekender or any Bal bag is the tassels. If you want to wear a bbag just do it, don't worry about if it looks too feminine or not. I think men look great carrying them and the Weekender is so big it will be proportionate to man's frame. Good luck and show us what you get once you get it!
  3. I saw lots of men wearing the WE in Paris, but they were mostly feminine guys. Still, the size and style looked hot on them. I say try it on at a store and you'll know if you like it on yourself.