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  1. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I was a frequent poster here back when I first signed up, and now that I am thinking about purses again, here I am! Anyway, I had a website that I had gotten from here in my favorites on my old laptop, but now that laptop is history and I have a new one. Needless to say, I do not have my favorites anymore. :cursing: The website in question was a great site, one with more Balenciaga information than I knew what to do with in one sitting. Documentation of every single color from every single collection, including sometimes upcoming information, listing of each style and price, information on how they are made and authenticity tips. Does anyone know what website I am talking about? I would be so excited if someone could figure this out for me! I am considering purchasing a BBag, but before I do I would like to look at that site again and get the most information I can. After reading some horror stories about NM on here, I am skeptical about even going there, but I don't have another store nearby that carries BBags! )(Maybe a trip to BalNY is in order!)

    Thank you so much to anyone that can help me!!!
  2. You would be referring to

    Unfortunately the Balenciaga section does not exist anymore :sad:

    However, if you post any bags you are interested in in the "Authenticate This Balenciaga" section, you will get plenty of informed responses!

  3. oh no! :sad: that was one of the greatest resources for me because the colors and information/prices were so readily available.. thanks for your response!
  4. :crybaby:
    All of us who used the site miss it terribly! I would go there a few times a day, and it took me weeks to stop myself from starting to go there, and then remembering it was gone. It was the most amazing collection of Balenciaga information!
  5. Does anyone know why they stopped putting the info up there?