Balenciaga Website: F/W 08 Colors shown!

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    But not for all styles.

    I guess they're still updating it little by little.

  2. thanks for the notification, have been wondering when they were going to update :smile:
  3. just looked, not too shabby, thanks!
  4. Yayyyyy!

    Thanks for the notice--I've been waiting to see that.
  5. thanks for the heads up
  6. Wow! Thanks for posting! Interesting... on the website the Black Cherry looks so much brighter than the ones I've seen IRL!
  7. finally, Yay!!
  8. Wow...the BC look really really great in this pic.
    But I think this is one of the colors you can't buy on line, just looking at them IRL...
  9. Thanks for the info!! So tempting to buy now!! I wonder why they won't sell firsts on their site.
  10. thanks for the update. I have been checking out lately as well.
  11. Glad to know that the Black Cherry doesn't look as stunning. My bank account's gonna thank me for it.... Currently have sapphire day & marine city on my list. Can't decide if with rh or gsh though - oh well....
  12. the new fall/winter collection is up to bad i live in the uk.