Balenciaga Warranty?

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  1. Is there any? I know that Coach is lifetime and LV is two years, what about Balenciaga?
  2. From what I know, there is a two-year warranty on b-bags and up to three at their discretion...
  3. You got the Vert Gazon Day!! How did you do that so quickly? Don't you love it? :love:
  4. Haha, shhhh:smile: I got it today :smile: it's a little different in leather quality from PT, imo. Leather on it is thicker and less soft/smooshy but still very nice:smile: Do you still like yours?
  5. I haven't carried the Vert Gazon yet. I have been carrying my Black for the last two weeks. Today I carried my Truffle Twiggy....which I love! The leather on every single bag is sooo different.....

    What other bags do they have right now?
  6. There is Classique in Black (meh), Day in maybe Truffle? some sort of brown with regular hardware, I didn't like it at all. I think GH makes a huge difference for the day style. J. also brough Vert D'eau city (regular), I think it's too light, the handles would get really dirty quickly. There is also black GH day, which I like but how many black bags do I need? I think that's it. J. is bringing Periwinkle(?) for you, I am gonna spy on it :nuts: Just to see the color, of course!