Balenciaga Wallets on Bluefly

  1. I think the entire board has lost faith in Bluefly and their Balenciagas
  2. I just ordered one and will compare it to the money I bought from NM a few weeks ago. ;)
  3. Are the list prices they have down correct?
  4. Yes...the money is $475.
  5. Why have you lost faith in them? whats wrong? Should I order? are they fake? please tell!
  6. Do a search on balenciaga and bluefly...over the summer, several PFers bought fake B-bags from Bluefly. :wtf:
  7. I actually lost any trust in that company whos sold as well as Balenciaga fake Chloes so they're dead to me but nevertheless am I curious to see if the wallets are reall this time. You're a real braveheart esiders.
  8. Thanks for the info, they are on my blacklist! You guys are so awesome!
  9. Wow ... I guess I didn't finish all the reading about the Bluefly fakes! I knew about the fake Balenciaga bags (consequently - Bluefly has been OFF my list for sometime), but I didn't know that they sold fake Chloe bags too ... YIKES!!!
  10. the link shows that they are no longer available now- at least in that color. it looks like green is available.
  11. Honestly, even if they were real I would not purchase one. I agree with Tanja; they are dead to me. To never receive an apology or anything after buying and returning TWO fake b-bags in inexcusable.
  12. DITTO. I would never buy from them again. Now I don't trust anything that they have. Their prices aren't fabulous anyway. :yucky:
  13. ^^ ditto :girlsigh: