Balenciaga Wallets on Bluefly

  1. Do a search on this board for Bluefly and their Balenciagas, you wont find it so much of a deal anymore.
  2. OMG! The nerve of them! It's not available anymore but how much were they asking? Should we be expecting to see fake Balenciaga wallets appear on ebay now?????
  3. There seems to be no where online that you can get a real Balenciaga item.
  4. Nope and bluefly are the worst in selling fake everything. I just despite this company and can't wait for the day they're being sued for trademark violation.
  5. Bluefly Sell Fakes?
  6. Yep! Several board members had issues with fake Balenciagas and fake Chloe Paddingtons...
  7. I guess is the professional look of their website which make people think that they are legit
  8. I was so shocked and horrified after reading the threads that I haven't bought anything from them since...
  9. Wow! Thank goodness I read this, I was about to buy a Gucci "boston" bag that was 20% less then the gucci site.
    Thanks for the info!
  10. I was looking at the Gucci Boston bag too....

    Did not know Bluefly sells fakes...
  11. Are you kiddin...?! I thought they were one of the few sites selling legit items!!! And for the prices they charge!!! They should be b*tch smacked!
  12. Mostly, Bluefly does not sell fakes. There were issues recently with their Balenciaga bags. I understand there were also some issues with Chloe. It was unfortunate. I don't know whether the wallets is/were real or fake.
  13. Well who is going to take a chance! Even if they sell one fake item!!! Not worth the risk for a 20% savings. I am done with them!
  14. A lot of their lower end designer items are also overpriced for clearance, IMO. They were selling some Kate Spade Wynn bags a while bag for $225 that were $50 at C-21 in NYC. That's just one example but if I ever see something I really like on there I always check C-21 first. Another place I always check, for those not in NYC is (Loehmann's online site). They also frequently have the same stuff for less (although not quite as cheap as C-21).