Balenciaga vs YSL

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  1. I am looking for a new fall bag and am trying to move away from the many black bags I have. I like the idea of a wine/burgundy color as I think it'll be more classic than this season's trendy purple. I don't own a bag by either of these brands yet. Which would you pick? I haven't seen either color in real life.

    Balenciaga giant day in black cherry or YSL muse in Lilac?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. bal! i haven't seen the black cherry, but i'm liking the sound of that color already. yum.
  3. Bal Black Cherry!
  4. Bal black cherry for sure!! The color is gorgeous!
  5. Balenciaga!
  6. I vote for Bal Black Cherry :tup:
  7. Bal Black Cherry!
  8. Balenciaga!
  9. Balenciaga, eventhough I bought the YSL in purple. Where did you see the Balenciaga in black cherry?