Balenciaga vs Mulberry

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  1. Hi,
    I am wondering if I should buy a Mulberry Alexa or a Balenciaga City :smile:
    What do you think would be the best investment?:smile::biggrin:
  2. I used to be in the same dilemma lol and I ended up got black bal city and never regretted it. One thing u should know is bal bag is kinda delicate. Alexa is cute and very classic but I see many ppl have Alexa and they have weird shape while being carried by the handle. Now I am in another kinda same dilemma again with new bal mini city or bays mulberry.. .either way I know I will love my purchase! Good luck for whatever u choose
  3. I'll never get tired of Balenciaga!
    As for Mulberrys...they don't make me dream.....
  4. Bal City! I now carry a Bal Twiggy regularly. The leather is great, lightweight and the bag is perfect for everyday. I never bought an Alexa as I heard too many complaints about this bag. And for the price, I don't think Alexa is worth it. It CAN look great on some people though. I have often been tempted.
  5. Edel, it is always wise to do a search here for the many threads there are about Mulberry vs. Balenciaga - here are three (not exactly what you're asking, but close enough to give you great insight) that I found fairly easily using the Search feature (I like to search by post, not by thread):
  6. I would go for Mulberry but then I am not unbiased as not only do I love Mulberry but I don't 'get' Bal, they all look the same to me! Mulberry has some beautiful designs and leathers and the Alexa, although not a bag I personally like, is looking like it will be a classic. Also, I don't know where you live but I think generally Mulberry is much more recognisable than Balenciaga (at least here in the UK), if that matters to you.
  7. I love the Mulberry Alexa - so much I have 2, although my first, the ink, will always be my true love :o)
  8. Thanks so much for the answers :smile:
  9. Balenciaga City! :tup:
  10. mulberry
  11. i'll pick city over the alexa :smile:
  12. Bal City all the way, i had the same dilemma some time ago, only i chose between Bal City vs Mulberry Bayswater. I actually got Bayswater, and I love it. But the couldn't resist Bal temptation and bought Bal City couple of weeks later... And 4 more Bal Cities in next 3 months... Never looked back!
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    I'd say Mulberry. I have a Bal and 2 Mulberries (about to get my third one!) and in my experience Mulberry is much more durable than Balenciaga. Also, I like that Mulberry is a bit more "under the radar" than Bal.
    The only thing though is that I only own older Mulberry styles as I've heard the quality has gone down quite a bit (and the prices have gone up!) on the newest styles, including the Alexa (I've seen it quite a few times IRL and was really disappointed with the quality of the leather), plus, Mulberry makes most of their bags in China / Turkey now whereas Balenciaga is still made in Italy...
    Good luck deciding!
  14. I vote for Mulberry. They just don't make Balenciagas like they used to (I may be bitter about the discontinuation of GH). Bags are not an investment though.
  15. Mulberry makes a better quality bag.