balenciaga vs mc speedy vs epi speedy

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  1. my dad is going to buy me a new bag for my bday! i'm so excited!! now the dilemma...

    should i get a white balenciaga or a mc speedy 30 or the mandarin 25 epi speedy?

    i currently have in my collection: mc papillon 30, gucci bucket, and a botkier stirrup.

    i want a bag that will add variety to my current collection and something classic so i can carry around for a long time. (the latter is more important to me.) which should i get?
  2. balenciaga!!! you already have an LV :smile:
  3. I like the white balenciaga, but I am scared of getting it dirty easily.

    I don't think papillon comes in mc....
  4. oops! i always think monogram canvas (not monogram) and didn't realize mc stood for multicolor. :shame:
  5. My favorites from the three you listed are the Epi Speedy in mandarin and the white Balenciaga, both on my list :nuts: Since you have an LV, I'd get a B-bag. I know white runs the risk of getting dirty, but it's so :love:
  6. /\__/\ that's what I would recommend speed in mandarin or white bbag (or maybe another color bbag since it's your first...maby blue or something..won't get dirty as fast).
  7. Balenciaga without a doubt ...
  8. I luuurrrve the Mandarin Speedy.
  9. Ditto!
  10. i'd say get a balenciaga bag!!!
  11. Definitely get a Balenciaga. get it in a color that will last like the new ink.:biggrin:
  12. I'll go against the tide here MC Speedy 30 :biggrin: Not much of a balenciaga fan, and its such a fun bag.
  13. I would go with the speedy too I am not a fan of that color but I don't think the balenciaga will become a timeless bag like the lv.
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