Balenciaga vs. LV


Balenciaga vs. LV

  1. Balenciaga Cornflower Twiggy

  2. Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 + Coach/Accessories

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  1. you guys have probably noticed me nosing around the forum on the speedy 25 and the twiggy :sweatdrop:... so here we go...!

    should i get a Beautiful brand new Cornflower Twiggy at $950 OR should i get an LV speedy 25 mono + a pair of jeans and maybe some accessories/maybe a coach or juicy couture bag...? :shrugs:

    i'm a uni student on a student budget :shame:, don't get to splurge much.. i have yet to own an LV of my own... my current collection is a Balenciaga Blueberry Day, a Coach Swingpack, Lesportsac hobo, DKNY wallet and clutch.

    So what's it gonna be, ladies...? :party:

    TIA...! :flowers:
  2. i will definitely go for balenciaga twiggy instead LV....voted my choice!!
  3. Balenciaga, definitely. I love how understated Balenciaga is, not so with LV, but I must say, I really don't care for the logos all over the LV bags.

    Also, Cornflower is such a beautiful colour, and so very, very versatile.

    Balenciaga! :yahoo:

    I wish you well,

  4. I would go with LV as you already own a balenciaga and dont get to splurge much therefore you can have a more varied collection!
  5. I would definitely get the Balenciaga! I just prefer BBags over LV logo bags- I find them more timeless and classy!:love: Hope you find the one you love!:yes:
  6. Well... here is my .02 cents, speaking from a similiar situation.

    For me anyways, it was more about me not feeling "complete" until I had a "Whatever it is" bag, but then as soon as I got it - I ended up regretting it and wishing it was a Balenciaga bag instead!!

    In my case, I had it in my head that I absolutely wanted to get a Marc Jacobs bag in the topaz color, because I had the zip clutch and really liked it, etc... Also, I thought I was getting too many bbags in my collection and needed to keep diversifing. Even after having the bag for a few weeks, I haven't used it and I am seriously wishing that I would have just gotten the Balenciaga bag like I had orginally intended... So now I will probably have to take a hit on resale and end up getting the bbag I had in mind anyways...

    However, if I never had gotten the MJ bag - I would probably still be pining for it!! So it is tough to say.....:shrugs:
  7. heheh i think that since you asked this question on the bbag subforum, you subconsciously know what you want! :p

    i vote for the bbag! i love cornflower and at 950, that's a pretty good deal (lower than retail)...
  8. If I were in your situation, I would get the bbag first. Since bbags change color (and some styles do get discontinued), it is better to get this while it is still available. You can always get the LV speedy 25 anytime.
  9. NOrmally I would faint if I heard myself saying this, but I say LV speedy 25. I LOVE BBAGS, but I converted to bbags after a long love of LV. The speedy is also classic, carried by AUdrey HEpburn. It is very durable, that is why I say get the LV b/c as a student you need it to last and not have to baby it. I have lots of bbags, but I use my batignolles horizontal as a workhorse and my speedy 30 doesn't get out too much being that my BBags get the most use, but it is great to know that she is there when I need her. I am 29 and I have bought the speedy 4 times the size 25 was perfect in College. I am seriously over the whole logo thing, but there is something iconic and classic about the speedy. You can order from, which I love too. Good luck!

  10. i would go for balenciaga:heart:
  11. I knew I'd be in the minority here in the bbag forum, but I say...since you are on a budget, go for the LV speedy & more. Needless to say, the speedy is a CLASSIC bag - it will last your for years to come and will not go out of style. LV bags are notorious for low maintenance (no spray, no massaging, no conditioning, etc.) so it'd be great for a student. :yes:
    Last year when the damier speedy came out, I was posed with the same problem. I too, was in my last year of college and on a budget. I decided to go for the speedy, and did not buy my first bbag until 6 months after that. Never regretted the decision!!

    Good luck!! :heart:
  12. My bf's Mom owns alot of LV's and she had one lying on the bed so I picked her up. It was very heavy, uncomfortable and STIFF.

    I would go with Balenciaga, for sure.
  13. I voted for LV speedy 25 so that I'll have the cash to buy other stuff too. As a student, I wouldn't be spending so much money on bags, but then that's just me.
  14. Hmmm, they're both great bags. But considering your current budget and lifestyle, I say go for the Speedy. LV canvas is low maintenance and you can even buy new jeans. When you graduate, you can reward yourself with a bbag (or two) then. :smartass:
  15. I say for the LV!