Balenciaga VS. LV - Help me choose?

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  1. I have been dreaming for a Balenciaga outremer city in SGH. Well, tough. Here in canada they cost a fortuneeee. I have a budget of 1500$ for my birthday. I currently have a NF MM, Speedy 25 azur, mono tivoli pm and epi lockit in ivory and a couple of couch bags.
    I really want to branch out into Bal, but I'm afraid the only bag that really has my heart is the outremer city in GSH. Well, it's very expensive in canada and out of my budget. It wouldn't take my long to save up for it, but unfortunately I don't think my mother would be too proud or happy of me buying a bag for almost 2000$. I think she'd just make me return it. I don't like the first, which is totally in my price budget. :sad: I don't want to get something bal just because it's bal, you know? I kind of like the day with giant hardware a little more than the first.
    But, I'm not IN love with it the way I am with the city... so should I just get another LV? I don't want to get a bag that i'm not so "hot" on and then regret it... I know I'll never regret LV. I don't know :sad: What should I do? I don't have any idea on which LV bag to get.
  2. Why not keep saving until you can afford the bag that your REALLY want? :yes:
  3. Keep saving for the Balenciaga, it is worth it!! Love my LV but you must have one HG Bbag too!!
  4. Wait for Amex.. :graucho: The bag will fall into budget then.
  5. I would continue saving for the bag that you really want. If you get something else you may regret not getting the bal. I would wait and keep saving! Good luck deciding
  6. I like this option!!
  7. i agree, save for what you really want...i think it will be well worth the wait!
  8. ITA, keep saving for the Bal that you really want!!!
  9. Amex... whats that? :sad::sad:

    Guyyyys! I can't buy the city while i live at home, my mom will killlll me for spending more than 1500$ on ONE bag. :sad::sad:
  10. well, can you not tell her?i'm so evil.
  11. I was thinking the same thing!! i'm so evil too. I was gonna say mayb tell her it's used and you got a really good deal. but you shouldn't lie to your mother... :nuts:
  12. ita !
  13. Save for the one you really want...otherwise you'd get the second best (in your mind) and still want your HG.
  14. dont just get something you're only "ok" with. i would say get the bal city since thats what you want!!
  15. Balenciaga!

    When is the next Amex 25% off anyway?