Balenciaga vs. Chloe !!????

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  1. :wtf: I hope to offend no one here.. I have been a big Chloe fan this past year.. But since this forum, I have curiously delved into Balenciaga. However I found the leather to be so delicate, thin and I feel afraid to use my bag as I would in my busy daily life. They are both bags in the $1K range but I don't know if one is more durable than the other. Can anyone with experiences with BOTH Balenciaga and Chloe Paddingtons share what they feel with Balenciaga vs. Chloe?? Thanks and I greatly appreciate everyones true opinions! :love:
  2. i only have chloe edith... and although i love it, it became my substitute if i want to used more structured bag but with the same groove as balenciaga.
    but i still love my b bags more :P
    i'm satisfied with 1 edith, but i won't get enough of b bags :yes:
  3. I only have one Chloe and that's the medium doctor silverado. As much as I love the doctor bag, I always ended up grabbing my trusty black First. I just can't help it but leave the doctor bag in the dust. :P

    Even though the leather on the B-bag appears to be thin but I believe it is just as durable as the Chloe buffalo leather. Just make sure you keep your B-bag away from sharp objects.
  4. hmmmm i wonder if balenciaga made their bags with the thick chloe leather would we prefer that?? i really do love that chloe leather....
  5. I also have a silverado and even though the leather on the Balenciaga may seem delicate I find it to be just as durable and lighter.
  6. It'll make the B-bag heavy! :graucho:
  7. as long as balenciaga doesn't add massive hardware i think it would be light!
  8. A few months ago I had almost 30 Chloe bags, and thats not including wallets, pouches, etc. I got tired of how the locks chipped no matter how careful you were, the weight of them sucks, and quite honestly every girl in Orange County carries either Chloe or LV and I got tired of seeing myself coming and going. and Chloe is quite more expensive than Bbags. The 2 Black Bbags I have left are thick, smooshy and soft leather and I adore them.

    All of my Chloe bags have been sold except for the $1660 Tekla I bought in september, which was a huge impulse buy and I cant seem to get it sold no matter how low I go on the price. (I may start using it soon).

    Everyone and their mother seems to have Chloe bags. I'm over it. I love my Balenciagas waaaaay more.
  9. Right on!
  10. I prefer Balenciaga over each and every Chloe handbags!! The leather? the styles? PERFECT!
  11. Hmm, I have both, and I can't say I love one style over the other - I love both and use them for different occasions. I love the thick, lovely leather of my paddy, and also the heavyness of the bag - it's a very robust and matter-of-fact bag. I also love my day, and the lightness makes it a very easy bag to carry around. I love the casual look of the bbag, it's not so obvious as the paddy. So I really must say I love both and use them equally.
  12. I love both equally :yes: I only own LV, Chloe and Balenciaga and find myself very loyal to those three designers in equal measure.

    Each have there own merits but - and this is probably because I live in the Uk where are seasons are so distinct from one another - I tend to use my Balenciaga bags more in the summer because of the colours and the lightweight and look of the bag which seems to suit my summer style clothes more...and in the winter I love my thick Paddington leather of my Chloes and again these bags look great when you are all wrapped up in winter clothes.

    That is only my opinion of course and I do love both Balenciaga and Chloe equally :love:
  13. Currently I only have one of each - a choco paddy and a pewter first - so both are very different. I LOVE the style of the medium paddington satchel, but I find that I'm not attracted to any of the other Chloe styles. Just personal taste. I can see myself getting this style in multiple colours.. I'm still lusting after 2 other colours.

    So I guess at the end of it - it comes to personal taste. When I touch both the bal leather and the chloe leather, both are soft and smooshy and collapse when nothing is in them. I think they both give a different look so it depends on what kind of mood I'm in that day or what outfit I'm wearing. :biggrin:

    However, with bbags I find that I LOVE so many different styles and different colours that I can see myself going crazy picking up different styles and different colours. Right now I'm just trying to hold myself back so that any bbag I eventually own brings a distinctness or uniqueness to my collection that isn't served by any other bag.
  14. welp, since this is the b-bag forum & i am a bonified b-bag lover, i've gotta say that b-bags rule :rochard:...i checked out chloes when the paddy 1st came out & thought the style was cool...but it was way too heavy for me to ever carry around, i don't think there's anything in the world like balenciaga leather (yummmmmm!!!) :love:
  15. I have both and I always find myself buying more Balenciaga than Chloe. Love the leather on both of them, but there's just something about Bbags that keeps me addicted and I find them very durable (I'm very hard on my bags :shame: ).