Balenciaga VS Chloe

  1. What's your vote??? :wondering
  2. That's easy... BALENCIAGA! :biggrin:

    I'm always wanting more b-bags. I have two Chloe bags but I have no desire to get anymore and am actually thinking of selling one of them because I've acquired two additional Balenciagas.
  3. I would also say Balenciaga; I too have 2 Chloe's, had 4 sold 2. I have 3 b-bags, would like to sell 1; but, will continue to buy more in the future. :biggrin:
  4. Like both, prefer Balenciaga.
  5. Of course - Balenciaga :biggrin:

    although, I REALLY love my Chloe's, but not so much the "IT bag" Chloe's (the beaded, embroidered, intricately detailed Chloe's are what steals my heart....)
  6. Love my Chloe completely but my vote will have to be Balenciaga!
  7. Balenciaga! I had two paddies and sold both. I have 4 bbags, one on the way, and still want more :shame:
  8. ^ fashion! what's the new one you're expecting?!!!
  9. Balenciaga definitely. I agree with everyone else I always want a new bbag color every season.

    Although I must admit whenever I'm shopping I always stop to view the Chloe counter but can't ever bring myself to buy one as I don't really want an "IT bag" that weighs a ton. My biggest pet peeve with Chloe... the zippers are silver whereas the padlock is matte gold. For that much money the zippers should be an exact match. Just my 2 cents!
  10. I like both... but since I'm having some "issues" with chloe right now I'd say Balenciaga!!! :smile:
  11. Love my Chloe's but love my bbags even MORE! I think my paddys are starting to feel neglected...
  12. Balenciaga without question.
  13. Balenciaga! I have been through five Chloe bags now, and the only one that stayed is the whiskey Edith. But I love my ink City, and I have a pewter City on the way!
  14. I always wondered why they did that. It seems like a design decision, not a cost decision, but it just... well, it's pretty much on record that I don't "get" Chloe bags in any case. My vote is Balenciaga!
  15. Balenciaga hands down. But I really want a mousse paddy!