Balenciaga vs. Chanel

  1. Okay, I've been wrecking my brain on this question..
    The boyfriend did very well on our AC trip and gave me all his winnings!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: So after a full blown out clothes shopping day, I have just enough money left over for yet another bag purchase. But I can't decide between two bags:cry: .. ADVICE PLEASE!!!

    I know I want something in white and I've narrowed it down to two:
    Should I go for:
    1. White city Balenciaga
    2. White eastwest (single flap, single chain) Chanel

    I already have the medium 2.55 Chanel (in black) and know zero about Balenciaga, except that I LOVE the style of the city. BUT, I'm such a Chanel whore:shame: .. decisions, decisions..

    Than there's the option to always save the money for a "rainy day"...
  2. If you want a Chanel, why not go for a different style? Like the Shopping tote in caviar or something completely different than a flap?
    Otherwise, I'd prpbably choose a b-bag.
  3. Balenciaga!
  4. White jumbo in caviar! YUM!
    One can never have too many Chanels :smile:
  5. NORMALLY- and this is nearly 99% as I am, in general, a Chanel lover- I'd say the Chanel, but knowing how many Chanels you already have, I'd get the City- it'll look great in white! btw, don't feel bad about your lack of knowlege of Balenciaga- I probably know less than you!
  6. Go with something different get the b-bag, but if u feel like u ain't going to use it then i'd stick with chanel.
  7. Chanel!! All the way Chanel ;)
  8. Balenciaga City
  9. Since you already have Chanel why not try something different. A Balenciaga City is an excellent choice.:biggrin::flowers:
  10. 0o0o0o totally go for the CITY!!! it will begin a new addication!
  11. AHHH! I'm so confused.. it seems pretty split.

    I've only seen the Balenciaga white on this forum but I've felt the leather at Neiman's a couple days ago and it was s:huh:oo yummy!

    BUT, I also LOVE the design of the Chanel classic flaps (I want them all! hehe).

    Any owners of either the city or eastwest bag have pros or cons?
  12. I'm voting for the Bal City as well! Good luck!
  13. :heart:
  14. Balenciaga City bag!!!!
  15. I know you have a lot of chanels, so why don't you try the balenciaga.