Balenciaga virgin

  1. hi im new to the balenciaga bags, after looking through all the pictures i really love them, but i have a few questions i wanted to ask you pros...

    *whats the difference between a city bag & a first bag?
    **whats the difference between a box & a twiggy bag?
    ***is a weekender bag super huge??
    (is there inside pockets in these?)

    do you know what each of these run (if you dont mind me asking) so i know who to save about?

    i love shoulder bags, not the long strap ones, (a 9 in. drop is my ideal strap) do these fit ok under your shoulder/arm? or is it a tight squeeze?

    ill be purchasing my first one in a month or so to save up, but i was wondering if you have any suggestions on what my first one should be.

    soon to be balenciaga mama :flowers:
  2. yeah, that link suli gave you will answer all your questions
  3. thank you that did help alot! :yahoo:

    now are there pockets inside these lovely bags??

    which would be a good starter balenciaga??

  4. Yes- there's 1 zip pocket inside the bags!
  5. My first (and only at the moment) BBag is literally the "First". I chose that style because I realize that in the last few years, I've only amassed REALLY large bags. The First is really great - very lightweight too!

    But, I think it depends on what your needs are. I think a lot of people like the City bag - perfect for casual and work days.
  6. Most people go for a city bag as their first. My first designer bag period was a black city.
  7. the most popular sizes to start with are the first and the city/medium. i personally didn't like the city on me, but alot of gals here LOVE it. i can wear both the city and the twiggy (my favorite!) over the shoulder. i think the box style would have too long of a shoulder strap for you.

    if you like shoulder bags, the purse might work well for you. it has slightly longer handles that can be worn on the shoulder.
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