Balenciaga virgin

  1. I'm getting ready to make my first balenciaga purchase (yay!!) and I'll be ordering it from NY store via phone since the Neiman Marcus here (arizona) sucks and only has black.

    Before I order though, is there anywhere I can see all the 08 S/S colors?

    Also, what is SGH and GGH?? I looked at the reference library and countless threads but could't find any info on this. Found everything else I needed to know though.

    You girls are amazing!
  2. Spring 08 Swatches.jpg
    Here are the Spring 08 Swatches, originally posted by Powder (I believe) when they were first released in October.

  3. thank you so much!
  4. the electric blue and magenta are TDF. i saw them irl the other day
  5. SGH= Silver Giant Hardware
    GGH=Gold Giant Hardware
    There is also regular hardware
  6. Hi incgirlie, welcome to bal.
    If you have the time, read through all the threads on the latest pages of the bal forum. There are heaps of threads there from tpfers who have just purchased an ss08 bag.
    The pre-collection colors are starting to come out (Bubblegum pink, Pale Magenta, Sahara, Black, White, Vert Thyme are out with Sky Blue and Electric Blue on the way). The collection colors (Turquoise, Vermillion and Bouton d'or) will be released Feb - April 08.
    Also, just remember that the exact shade you see in posted photos on the computer varies with the lighting in which they were taken, and whether flash was used. Lots of tpfers have posted great comparison photos under different lighting, and also modelling pics.
    Have fun exploring!