Balenciaga Virgin - Totally "Pure" - Interested though

  1. I really like the quilted bag from last season. What is that called, price, eBay?? I hope to absolutely get one at some point.

    I also like the classic bags in white, but I can't do white, ya know?

    And I just realized I like pale blue or perhaps any kind of blue, maybe even navy. I don't know what style I like, city work? I don't know them.

    I'm interested in learning, but I will look through all the threads I can, anything else, please post and I'd love to see pics for my education!

    TIA! I hope to get acquainted with you girls, as well.

    Oh and how come Balenciagas have the nickname "bbags"? No other designers have such a nickname! Ha. I see the fans here are extremely loyal. There must be something to these bags! I hear they're light, but that's all I know. THAT would be a change for me! :yes:

    Hope to talk to you soon, so yeah, let's introduce ourselves as well!
  2. the best place to start is the atelier.naff.blogspot website. That will get you all the important info!

    good luck!
  3. Hmm, is there a thread on documenting all the shapes, or styles?
  4. Hi and welcome to the dark side! :graucho: We nicknamed it "B-bags" because we're too lazy to type out the word, Balenciaga, everytime we mentioned our bags. :roflmfao:
  5. It's she's got a style reference, color swatches, hardware, tag and leather discussions.
  6. it's atelier.naff
    and we call it as bbags for short balenciaga bags... the name's too long to write sometimes :p

    good luck girl! :yahoo:
  7. ^^ ACK, can't wait to corrupt you!!! :nuts::devil::sneaky:
  8. Welcome designer ella!! Until 2 weeks ago I was too a b bag virgin, but now have 2 on the way and I'm in hot pursuit of a 3rd!!! It really is addictive... I think it's because there are just so many beautiful colours available and the more you look the more you want them all!
    They do a pale blue; and a navy but also great colours like Indigo and Ink.. trust me you'll be hooked in no time
  9. The quilted bag is called matelasse. They are reissuing it again this season in al of the spring colors, too. The smaller size is around $1700 and the larger size is around $1900.
  10. I was a Balenciaga virgin three months ago. NOw...I have too much Balenciaga but I feel complete now since I have bought all the colors I like but OUCH TO MY WALLET (first time ever to spend so much on bags- EVER!!)!!