Balenciaga virgin just saying hello!

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to Balenciaga, but I've always admired them!
  2. Welcome Pinkribbons! :flowers:
    Do you have a Balenciaga bag yet?
    If not, the ladies on this forum are super-helpful if you have any questions :yes:
  3. I don't have one yet, but just looking at all these pictures is making it hard to resist!
  4. Welcome! :yes: Be careful, I was in your shoes just a few weeks ago, my first Bbag arrived yesterday...and I already want more!
  5. be careful...

    once you start, you can't stop!
  6. Welcome and I agree with the others here. I am waiting to pick my first one up and already I am thinking about another...
  7. Welcome! :flowers:

    You can't stop at one, y'know... :graucho:
  8. Too bad they don't do it like the dealers in the know, where the first one is free...;)
    Welcome to the forum!!!
  9. I'm on the BALNY list for two bags already, but I'm still looking for others on eBay!?!? :rolleyes:
  10. Welcome Pinkribbons!
    YEs.. the Bal habit is an extremely nasty one.. one that I am still trying to figure out how to break (or maybe I am not succeeding because I don't really want to!)
  11. Glad to have you as another soon to be addict:yes:! Everyone here is soooo nice and helpful and happy as all get out for you when you make a new purchase! (as long as you share pics!:jammin: )
  12. BEWARE you will get hooked like no other!!! bbags are my drug of choice.
  13. welcome ,few months back in august i did not even like bbags ,then i ventured into this forum and i already have 3 and wanting more
  14. I agree. I'm a Fendi-girl myself, but I'm slowly becoming obsessed with Balenciaga. I live on Long Island and I've already checked out the Barney's here...I'm shopping in Manhattan next weekend and I have a feeling I'll be coming home with one.
  15. once you start crack there's no turning back!

    and these bags are worse than crack :death:

    ive purchased my first two in the last 3 months, on the lookout for my 3rd! :shrugs:
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