Balenciaga Ville Nano - investment or short lived?


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Sep 7, 2020
Just saw Saks has a preorder for the Ville Nano. It’s adorable (yet super impractical). Thoughts on purchasing this bag?


Feb 20, 2012
IMO impractical. I don't think I could even fit my wallet & iphone in there, let alone all the other things I convince myself I need to carry!
Bags that small remind me of the tiny purses I used to play with when I was 3- I think I could maybe fit a button and a crayon in there- but it was proportionate to my size.


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Dec 6, 2005
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I wouldn't consider it an investment bag, there really aren't very many bags that are.
I would add that I don't view Handbags as an Investment, as much as Hermes would love everyone to think as such! Many a friend of mine who bought a Hermes Birkin ages ago and then decided to sell it, were SHOCKED when they found out that they would not be getting the $$$ that they expected. There are just SO many places to consign and then the big retailers started selling pre-owned, that nowadays, it really isn't that hard to get a Birkin like it used to be. The only ones that I've seen that get more $$$ .. are the exotics. Even brand name Jewelry - like Cartier, Tiffany, etc. - try to re-sell or consign?!?! .. you won't get what you think you should. Just too much out on the market nowadays - a shopper's paradise for sure!


Feb 9, 2011
I have never bought my Bals as an investment. These were the bags I wanted to own and admire, I never planned on selling them and making a profit. I am selling some of my bags because my lifestyle has changed, and I am happy that someone is interested in owning them.
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