Balenciaga Twiggy

  1. Hi guys..

    i found in a consignemtn store here in aprsi a twiggy thats a REALLY light grey color. the SAs didnt knwo the yr or anything like that.. does anyone nknow what color it could be? its really light grey.. almsot a whitey grey.very nice.. veiny though..

    and they were selling it for 600euros. is that good?

  2. check the card if one comes with it and tell us the number? =)
  3. i didnt buy it- just wabted to know color it was hot!!!
  4. did you check ateliernaff?

    Also BabyBoo, are both of us on here 24 hours? I always see you!!! LOL!
  5. ^ i swear to god when i saw taht you had replied i was like HAHAHAH everytime im on your on.. teehhee.. thats quite sad granted that your in NY and im in paris.. shows how obsessed we are...
  6. Could it be greige? :shrugs:
  7. i think it could be greige
  8. im goign to say calicare or 2004 grey. its not greige i had that in a city thats dark.. this was wow light..
  9. maybe ice blue? or am i completely off? LOL.
  10. i dunnop.. hehe im going back on sat. what do i look for to find out the color