Balenciaga Twiggy

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  1. Hi, I recently got my first balenciaga -- the taupe city. I am now totally obessed with the brand and I really want a twiggy but have not seen one in person and am wondering what people out there think of them.
  2. I have a Twiggy - I like it very much - it holds the same amount as the City (unless you were using your City for a laptop, the Twiggy is not as high).

    I don't know which I like better, Twiggy or City - but, if you like the City then you would like the Twiggy too.

    Oh, can you post a pic of your City- I have never seen a Taupe b-bag before.
  3. i don't have a twiggy :sad: (i have calcaire city that i :love:, though)

    that is a beautiful olive twiggy, loganz!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  4. Thank you MadisonOn5th - I would love to see your Calcaire City :love:

    You are so lucky to have jumped on that color.
    Such a desirable color - I hunt Ebay daily for a calcaire or rouge first.
  5. weee heeeeeeee, balenciaga bags!!!

    here are my city and twiggy!!! :love: both of these bags hold a lot!
    beach 061.jpg
  6. helenNZ, i would love to eat your beauties. they look so squishy and juicy :shame:

    loganz, i am "stunod" with pics and computers. i will take it soon though. although i heard that the earlier batches have pink undertones whereas the later batches didn't :cry: and i am part of the early batch. i hope you find your calcaire or rouge ;)
  7. Do the B-bags have interior zip and cell phone pockets?
  8. pls correct me if i'm mistaken but i think they all just have one zippered interior pocket
  9. Thanks for all the great replies. I love the green and blue twiggies. I think I want a blue or teal one.

    I will post a picture of my taupe city when I get home (am at work now!) I personally think it looks more grey-ish than taupe but I LOVE it.
  10. Helenz, thanks for posting the pic of the City and the Twiggy together! My husband bought me a Twiggy for V-Day and I have been debating about returning it for a City. (I like both styles, but this is my first B-Bag and I think I want the City first.)

    Also, my Twiggy is white, which is beautiful. But, I was thinking, if I do return it, of getting the City in Cornflower or Ink. Any opinions??? (Please - I am losing sleep over this!)
  11. glily - white is beautiful...but, it could get dirty fairly quickly just from the normal daily activities of getting in and out of the car; brushing up against things, setting it down on tables, counters, etc.

    I like it when bags have feet; like the paddy, the feet help protect from the counters of this world.
  12. glily -- I love the cornflower color. If it were me I would get that color. I agree that the white will get dirty quickly. And I bet that the cornflower or ink will age beautifully. Let us know what you do!
  13. :love: thanks!

    i think the twiggy is a great size bag! more or less the city and twiggy hold all my stuff - which i totally love!

    i think white is a great colour, but yes, i agree it will probably get dirty quite quickly if you use it frequently....BUT if you really want to exchange it for a cornflower or ink city then go ahead... its best to have a bag that you will always love and use!!

    let us know what you do :amuse:
  14. I did the reverse, I got my first B Bag in the Twiggy and I absolutely LOVE it :love: (I love roomy bags) and now I'm waiting for my city bag!:nuts: ! Ever since I joined this forum, I have fallen in love with B I'm thinking of getting the Work bag.
  15. I'm not a B fan but I LOVE the Twiggy!

    my worthless two cents :biggrin: