Balenciaga Twiggy in Brown and Black $999

  1. Okay, I couldnt stand it! I bought the brown one! :yahoo:

  2. Nice!! Post some pics when you get a chance! It looks like there is only one black one left. I LOVE bbag and would totally get it but I just don't have that money right now :tdown: Still saving up for it haha. Hopefully there will be some good deals when I am ready to splurge :yes:
  3. Got the black one... :yahoo:

    thanks for posting this... YAY!!! can't wait to get it...
  4. smartbargains is def. legit but i hear horror stories about fakes making its way onto the sites like smartbargains, bluefly, and overstock... i guess from bad quality assurance. =\ hmm, what do you think are the chances??
  5. Hey guys, Im a weirdo, I know! I just cancelled the brown Twiggy, so if anyone is interested, jump on it!
  6. looks like there's one left!
  7. All gone!
  8. The 12% discount only applies to the first $200... so essentially you are saving another $24...
  9. Yeah thats why I canceled my order! It made me mad! LOL
  10. thank you
  11. Oh all you have to do is create another account and use another email address.. that's what I did.. ;) - I just keep creating gmail or yahoo accounts just to get the discount... nothing wrong with that...

  12. Oh sorry... I forgot to mention that you have to click the third coupon link on the page... that's the one that give you a 12% discount for your entire purchase no matter what amount. The first link is for 12% off the first $200.