Balenciaga Twiggy Help!!

  1. hi everyone! I am new to the purse forum and have gotten so much insight about my favorite dream balenciaga bag :love:. This will be my first and a splurge since I am still in school and working part time. I have never seen a twiggy but from pictures I think it is the most versitile...right?...I want one that can be used year round- my everyday bag...sooooo the big question is...ANTHRACITE...TRUFFLE....OR MARRON...I cant decide...please help~~

    p.s it is soooo hard to find a place to buy these bags authentic..neiman in san francisco is the closest but such a small collection..ideas on where to get bbags besides eBay??
  2. Hi sindrajo, congratulations on taking the plunge! The twiggy is a great bag - I love it! but many will argue that the City is the most classic Balenciaga bag. Check out the shopping section for sources. I personally love Aloha Rag for brand new bags - there's a lot of information on them in the Shopping Section, and you're bound to find out more if you do a search.
  3. This FAQ might help you. You can find pictures of twiggy, photos of colours you chose & places to buy Bbags if you scroll through the FAQ. I am a new Bbag owner & I used the FAQ religiously. :shame:

    You chose colours(anthracite, truffle, marron) with different undertones. All 3 colours are gorgeous so your ultimate choice would depend on what do you wear the most? Maybe after scrolling through pictures, you can decide better.