BALENCIAGA TRUNK SHOW: The questions you desperately need the answer to...

  1. Okay, so a few more days to go until the Trunk Show.

    I am posting this thread in an attempt to compile a list of questions you'd like me to ask during the Trunk Show.

    Like the geek that I am, I will then print it out and will TRY to ask all the questions and hopefully get a decent answer response from the pros at Balenciaga.
    To everyone who is going, I will be carrying my French Blue Work - please don't hesitate to say hi.
  2. Oh, my lovely!
    Thanks for starting this thread up for those of us who can't make it on the big day.....!

    Here're my questions:

    1) Are they going to do Traveller in RH this season, or even sometime in the near future? If not, do they make it it SGH? Do they come in all the fall colors?

    2) Could you ask the same Q for flat clutch as well?

    Thanks so much, Incoral:heart:
  3. INC, you are like me in wanting to be organized and ready for anything.:p Here is my question:
    1. Are they going to make the New Hobo style with RH?
    I'd also like to know the size of the flap clutch.
  4. you are so sweet! if i can find a sitter i will definitely be there and look for you to say hello and thanks for all the great info!
  5. Thanks, Incoralblue. I was wondering if most styles and colors will be available with our choice of hardware (either silver or gold). In another thread, it was said that the flap clutch wouldn't be available in the violet/SH combo. So sad.
  6. Will all the collection colours be available in RH? I would like a Violet City & Marigold Makeup (both RH), but all I can see in sample pix are GH in gold or silver...getting worried :push: Perhaps this is a "duh" question???
  7. I would love to know if the Sphere will be available in RH and what the price will be, if you get the opportunity to ask. :flowers:
  8. ^ I second Cheshire Cat's question!!!
  9. gosh, you are a doll! I'm wondering about the dimensions on the mini matelasse! thanks for thinking about those of us that can only be there in spirit!
  10. I spoke with my SA today and was told the Sphere bag is only in the Giant Hardware. That wasn't the answer I wanted, but I can dig the big shiny nipples if that's my only choice.
  11. The exact color of violet.
  12. ICB:heart:

    1. your honest opinion for clutch with moon lock in Silver hardware and the best color (violet, tomato or marigold) dimensions pls

    2. mini metalasse (with handles), is it a bomb? best color (tomato, violet, marigold)? dimensions pls

    3. matching shoes! :graucho: lolx!

    TIA:heart: xoxoxoxoxox
  13. Okay, I have an "early" response to this one.

    I spoke with Daphne today and she confirmed that they are in fact gettin the Marigold Makeup clutch. I am the very first one on the list, I would say go for it.
  14. If no, can we special order?

    2) Please clarify on the STEP vs. Stepping Out and the size as well as available color/hardware combination

    Thank you!!
  15. Hi! I am wondering how ocean blue compares with blueberry (I was hoping someone could bring something blueberry so they could see exactly how they differ - maybe you could carry two?)

    I want to know more about ivory and mastic in particular - what styles and hardware looks best in those colors. Also, if mastic would be suitable with a mostly cool-toned wardrobe.

    Approximate dimensions of the smaller step bag and the colors it will be available in and whether or not it is available in giant hardware as well.

    How does cinnamon compare to cafe and chocolate?

    Is grape darker than eggplant?

    What colors and hardware options will BNY be getting the brief in.

    I think that's it. I so wish I could be there!