BALENCIAGA TRUNK SHOW: the good, the heavy, and the colors we've all been waiting for

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  1. THE BLOG:

    The very second I walked in I was asked if I was there specifically for the trunk show and he had a list of names of the people attending (I would say only 1/3 of the people on the list were there). I was told immediately that the rest of the bags are “missing”. Only to find out that they aren’t missing – they went to the wrong place (Italy!).

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually love:heart: Bal NY – and have officially switched from Neiman Marcus (et al) to exclusively working with just Daphne (although I highly recommend Terry as well). In their defense, you could see the disappointment in their faces as well. And they were more than accommodating in trying to give me enough information of what each style and color would be like. I don't think that they would ever deliberately misinform or carelessly send a package elsewhere.

    But seeing the holiday collection completely overshadowed my disappointment – not to mention the wonderful gals and guy of the PurseForum!

    Four of their associates addressed me by my name – which completely freaked me out!:shocked: Even Terry remembered my name (and I haven’t seen her in a few months!). As if they knew who I was (perhaps they are ghost readers of the forum. Hey Guys!!!).:sneaky:

    And one of their employees actually had me give a DETAILED explanation on which bag I liked and would love to have. It was a very odd conversation – and I gladly had a drink after that…I think at one point I walked away from him – I was heavily distracted by the Holiday collection.

    All in all it was fun. The exciting part was identifying each other (although it was much easier for me as I only had to wait for people to come up and ask me – French Blue). First person I identified was Fayden (thanks to her pics!) but the person I first talked to was Toni22 with her gorgeous Lilac.

    The whole seating area (by the office/stockroom) were all PF'ers! And it was competely exciting to see everyone. It's weird, but there was a definite affinity that I had felt with each and everyone of you!

    There were a few clients who actually tried to purchase the Violet Giant Hobo but was then told about the trunk show.

    Paranoia was in the air, I think at one point Terry thought I was taking a photo of the Ocean Blue Giant Weekender and had to take it away from me (Terry, I swear I wasn't taking a photo! I promise!)

    I'm hoping they do another trunk show next season...with more bags :roflmfao:

    Did we make Balenciaga Purse Forum history? By having the most members in one location? I sure hope so.

    Let me first say, that because of the Silver Hardware, Gold Hardware, and Classic Hardware – the quantity of production has been spread really really thin. Some of these styles Bal NY will only be getting 1 or 2 of. Nightmare! While I am very happy that each and every one of us will have the option…trying to locate these items will be twice as hard!

    The Motorcycle line:

    The leather is very much broken in. “Crushed leather” would be my choice of words to describe it. It’s the same as the SS 07 leather but the bags felt much softer and the drape is gorgeous. There was a Giant Brief – at first I was convinced that it’s Crème, although, I’m hoping that it’s just a Fall white (much darker) – this has been the best Brief I’ve ever seen.

    *The Holiday Collection::yahoo:

    The two toned bags this coming holiday will be: Suede, Tweed, Wool - all with Arena leather trim. As Don't Blow! reported, it will come in antiqued pewter...which is GORGEOUS! Even more gorgeous than the Giant Silver hardware. I can't even begin to try and sell you this collection.

    I instantly fell in love with the Work in Tan Suede with Steel leather trim (I had myself added to the waitlist that very minute!) There was also a Brief in White'ish suede with Steel leather trim (I just might have to splurge on this one as well). And a City in navy wool with white leather trim. I saw a photo of the City in Gray Tweed with Cinnnamon trim which was also adorable.

    Also, two toned: GH Coin Purse and Money.

    The LUNE collection:

    HEAVY. They had a sample in Violet, Pine, and Black. Violet being the stand out (although it's a much much darker version of Violet - deeper and darker than eggplant) I find the closure to be a bit annoying, the overall style/concept is gorgeous though. The leather is very thick almost stiff and indestructible. But then again there's the weight issue. I suggest to anyone who’s planning to purchase this bag that you carry two bags…one bag to carry EVERYTHING that you usually carry…and the LUNE bag – empty and completely just for looks!

    There's also another collection of bags which I completely forgot to ask about. It's two toned - comes in two sizes. They almost look like very dressy day bags. Gorgeous. Also, the B script collection.

    The Clous bag:

    a little on the heavy side but very Rock n' Roll.

    I must say that this is the best I’ve seen of the non-motorcycle collection.
  3. Here’s a description of all the colors I saw (in alphabetical order)…

    MAGENTA: It’s very similar to the original. Although the leather is in fact an ’07 leather (and I’m saying that positively). I quite like the Magenta with Silver hardware (very similar to Toni22’s photoshoped Day bag, below), although I think it will look even more gorgeous in Gold Hardware.

    OCEAN: More of a muted color. Pale Blueberry. Gorgeous with Silver Hardware....BUT not as gorgeous as I had pictured it in my mind.

    PINE: they had a sample of the Lune bag in this color (although it was much more like Sapin than Pine – take note that it was on a different leather). I think I’m totally skipping this color and will revert to my lusting of a SS 06 Emerald Work.

    SIENNA: I will consider this color as the dark horse of the FW 07 season. I’m on the list for the Work. This appeared in the trunk show as a trim on one of their non-Motorcycle collections. Someone (sorry can’t remember who) was asking if this is going to be similar to Chloe’s ever so famous WHISKEY….and it’s looking a bit positive. I love Whiskey myself (I’m talking about the color!) and Sienna is a brown with a shade of red (not enough orange in it to be exactly like Whiskey – close enough!). The leather wasn’t the Arena leather so there might be some slight variations compared to the color I saw.

    STEEL: There were a few holiday bags (and accessories) that had the Steel leather trim. It was not flat at all (compared to the swatch I saw weeks ago). The color reminds me of the SS 06 Gray (which I love!). However, if this color really is going to be flat, I think it’ll be much closer to 05 Gray. The color on the trim had more depth/dimension to it and not exactly a flat steel gray.

    VIOLET: The color is more of an ultraviolet. Purple base with lots of red in it, giving it a much brighter hue. I think of Eggplant as a bold color (very even) where as Violet is brighter and has the color itself has more depth to it – which has been the appeal of the more recent Balenciaga colors. Thanks to Jydeals for bringing her Eggplant for comparison.


    THE BESACE: (not to be confused with the men’s besace). To me, this is a re-issue of this style:


    Although this time, it’s going to be a shoulder bag (it will still have the adjustable strap, however, not long enough to be a messenger unlike it’s original version).

    THE DAY OFF (aka THE STEP, THE STEPPING OUT): approx $1195

    I don’t think anyone really knows the dimensions of this bag yet. I was told it’s a cross between the City and the Brief, although I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be the
    This style is only being produced with CLASSIC HARDWARE.

    THE ESCAPADE $2195

    I originally expressed interest in this bag. I only saw one photograph (Pine with Silver GH) and it’s the exact same shape/style as the Weekender but taller (I’m not sure of the exact dimensions though).

    THE ENVELOPE CLUTCH (nicknamed the Flap clutch for obvious reasons) $945
    Will only come with Giant Hardware. The dimensions could possibly be the same as the Pochette. (POINTIE! You and I purchased the last two Blacks that day!). I am sad to report that I saw the quantities of what they will be receiving. There were a couple of colors that they will be getting two in their inventory. But the rest, they will only receive 1 (I didn’t forget to type a number next to that, I really mean ONE).

    THE MINI MATELASSE: There is in fact a mini matelasse in the Fall collection (and with two handles). The photo was of a Mini Matelasse in Marigold and Paprika…both are mini cute!:nuts:

    THE MATELASSE MAKEUP CLUTCH: same size as the motorcycle Makeup (so I was told).

    There’s also another style in the Matelasse family (though the rivets and other details are not there just the quilting). It's almost like a vintage Train bag and the bottom opens that can store your jewelry, etc.

    The waiting listsssss:

    I actually saw Celia_Hish’s name on one of the accessories lists (perhaps a coin purse?).

    I’m on top of the list for the Make Up Clutch in Marigold:yahoo: (actually Make Up Clutch in general), which I am very glad about.
  4. My top picks:

    THE POCHETTE: makes a comeback. I am determined to promote this style once again! $695 and only in classic hardware, the once thought of as being discontinued will be back. Now that oversized Day clutches make a comeback I think this style deserves a second look. The Paprika Pochette is gorgeous. There's a LILAC 06 Pochette left at Bal NY. I'm thinking Marigold! (I'm waitlisting first thing tomorrow!-forgot about it!)

    THE GH ACCESSORIES: The GH Coin purses are so cute! Although I'm scared that it will be $495 for each one! :wtf:

    THE HOLIDAY COLLECTION: Okay, so I parted ways with my Ponyhair Work from last years Holiday collection (the hair started to lift)...but I am so excited with this collection - maybe even more than the FW 07 collection itself. Plus the antiqued pewter hardware is TDF!

    THE DAY OFF: I think most of my excitement comes from not knowing how big this bag is going to be. Perhaps it's the same size as the Shopping?


    The first deliveries will be arriving at the store around early June (and for the next three months). The Collection colors will be arriving last week of July until the last week of August. The Holiday Collection is estimated to arrive in Late October/Early November.

    So that's all! The Trunk show helped me eliminate things that I no longer want (but of course the amount of things I DO want just doubled!) So I'm dropping my Tomato Traveler, Mastic Weekender (color seems really flat - so I'm sticking to Sienna), Ocean SGH (I'll reconsider if there's any left but I'm sure someone here would want it more than I).

    I hope that everyone gets what they want! I know I'll be anticipating the first phone call I get from Balenciaga.:yahoo::nuts::sweatdrop:
  5. Well, I'm glad ya'll had SO much fun and got to visit! I wish you could give us the low down on the colors but we will see them soon!

    I just noticed I posted before you finished! WOW! You got a lot of info. for not much being there! GREAT JOB!
  6. I think you should definitley get hired by Balenciaga to promote their bags. Your decriptions of the bags are....:nuts: :drool:. I love reading your posts!!!!
  7. ICB - my black pochette sibling! next time you are up in NYC, let us rock our blacks together! it was a pleasure to meet you, albeit briefly.

    PS I have to agree on that white-ish suede bag, it is stunning, though I would destroy it within hours!
  8. Wow as usual amazing detail, thank you so much incoralblue. At first hand I am salivating at the description of the besace as I have always liked the shape although I do wish it was like the original messenger in length. I am also getting very anxious as I cannot for the life of me decide and if they aren't getting very much in each style I will probably be too late. Violet still intrigues me, as I think it is high time I broke out of my dark neutrals.
    Thank you again for your report, it was brilliant!
  9. Btw I wish I could have been there to meet everyone.
  10. Thanks so much for the detailed report, ICB!!
  11. Thanks so much for the indepth review! I'm bummed that the ocean isn't more vibrant, but I just got a blueberry work last week and am so enamoured with the color that its quelled my desire for a shocking cobalt blue.

    I'm really curious about the new Besace, I can't wait to see some real life pics.

    I really want a Sienna day bag with regular hardware, but between the marigold work, violet matelasse clutch, and steel day bag - I'm not sure I'll have any money left. That and the fact that I really want a giant hardware brief (I was hoping mastic would turn out to be a winner).

    The fact that the holiday collection sounds gorgeous doesn't help either. I want one of those too!

    My heads spinning.
  12. Wow, i totally just read every word of that! :O) I'm veryvery interested in the Holiday tweed bags! Those sound absolutely fantastic!! Will they just be lined in the Cinnamon trim or other colours too? Sounds so fab..

    And i'm SO glad i got the Magenta with gold hardware, my excitement for this bag just keeps growing :yes:
  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer us all of this wonderful information! Very much appreciated :flowers:

    Did you have a chance to see a bag in the Tomato and if so is it a mix between '03 and '05 Rouge as you had described from your last visit to BalNY when you got to see the swatches live?

    Thank you kindly.
  14. thanks ICB:heart:

    which one is clutch wt moon lock? the lune or clous?

    where is the pic of mini metalasse wt handles?
  15. Incoral - thanks so much for the information!! You are a wealth of knowledge, and we appreciate all the details you provide! I am loving your description of the sienna - another color to add to my wish list! :nuts: