Balenciaga Truffle owners

  1. Can you please post pics of your bags?

    Does it have a hint of green in it or is it just pure brown?

    :tender: :tender:
  2. I posted my truffe Purse pic on pg 2 (post #19) of the 'Whats in your Collection' thread. It is brown with an olivey undertone (love it).
  3. thanks I see it. do you have any pictures with just the truffle bag? Closer pics of the leather. It would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks Cate22.
  5. The more I see this truffle color, the more I like it. hmmm:love:
  6. I promise to post pics soon (my first b-bag!). I can't seem to see the olive in this color that some people see. To me, it's a mushroom brown with no undertones. Sometimes I don't pick up on these things I guess!