Balenciaga Truffle 'Giant Brief' on Bluefly

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  1. Those pop up and POOF!! they are gone:crybaby:
  2. Darn :yucky: I was seriously tempted :crybaby:
  3. hey I just returned a GH truffle medium city, and it should pop up again on bluefly within a week. Keep your eyes peeled!
  4. It's there again :nuts: Should I :shrugs:
  5. its not available anymore! I hope you got it! It is gorgeous!
  6. what a beautiful bag. hope someone who loves it got it!
  7. I did buy this... BUT, there are some who thinks Bluefly's Balenciagas are fake :shrugs: I know they had a bad batch some time ago, but has anyone purchased GH Balenciagas from Bluefly recently who can say for sure that they've received the real deal?
  8. That is one nice bag! Well it's gone, but how much was it? I'll feel better knowing I wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway :P.
  9. All of their recent Balenciagas have been authentic. I have gotten several from them in the last 2 months. You can check the authenticity thread in the Balenciaga forum to read more about it. :yes:
  10. WooHoo :yahoo: If that's true, I've got myself a great deal :yes: I'll post pics of it in the authenticity thread when I get it.
  11. it's gone! Such a cute bag.
  12. gone gone. I wish bluefly would get some weekenders in, I really want one.