Balenciaga Tragedy

  1. After a horrible memorial day weekend of losing a tennis tournament... i threw my phone into my bag and....


    :rant: :censor: :cry: :mad:

    has anyone ever broke their mirror? do you think i could just find a new one and replace it...the actual mirror part that is? i feel so unworthy of my bag...the first mishap was 2 summers ago when i set it down on ASPHALT (i know right?!) and got a quarter-sized black stain on the back...and now this. :sad:
  2. Aww!!

    Wow, I didn't even know the mirrors can break???!? I think they're heavy duty plastic - I'm sure you can replace it....
  3. i thought the mirrors were supposed to be plastic and not actual mirrors?
  4. i think that it is plastic...bc the break isnt as clean as a normal glass break would be....Should i try to take it out and glue it? can it even come out?! im too afraid i have barely touched it... touched it...
  5. I would call the NYC store and ask them about it...they are the pros!
  6. sorry about the tourney.
    I agree, call ans ask...also, green with envy over your 03 red, broken mirror, stain and all ;)
  7. ***hugs***
    i'm really sorry to hear that your mirror is broken... i totally agree give Balenicaga NY a call... they'll know what to do! :amuse:
  8. I agree! They probably would at least be able to give you a rec and if it is safe to replace. Goodluck!
  9. Im actually going to go down there tomorrow...i live on 26th so its not too far from going to go to bed praying they have spare mirrors right there and will do me up good....but.,..we will see...ill keep you all posted....!thanks for the support! :smile:
  10. Crossing my fingers for you - hope they can replace it!
  11. Didn't they say: breaking a mirror = seven years bad s**?:shocked:
    (just kidding) I hope you can get it replaced, I would say you could have my mirrors, 'cause I never use them!