balenciaga TRAGEDY (awful)

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    so, i just came back from a trip to greece, and over there, i discovered this amazing thing called king crab, and i decided to bring some back home to paris! so i got some giant frozen crab legs, stuffed them into a random box, and shoved it in my suitcase before leaving for the airport. dumb move, i know. first thing i did when i got home was to open my suitcase to get the crab legs out, and MAJOR MAJOR TRAGEDY. the frozen crab had melted a bit, and made up this liquidy crab juice, and of course, it leaked everywhere. my 4 month old balenciaga ruby city just so happened to be RIGHT under the crab box. and it's not pretty. here's a before and after pic. i'm completely crushed. does anyone know how you remove crab juice from balenciaga leather? i'm desperate. :crybaby:

  2. I am really, really sorry to hear that...
    If i were you, i'd contact LMB as soon as possible so that you/they can take appropriate action! Good luck!
  3. I've no tips but I'm so sorry this happened!
  4. :crybaby: :wtf:

    I'm so sorry
  5. OMG!!! Other than LMB, I couldn't think of anyone else can help. Maybe you email Barbara with the picture and see what she would say. Hopefully it won't involve redying.
  6. GOD...Sorry for you!! Write an email to Barbara (LMB) as soon as possible!!
  7. OMG ! my condolences....
  8. Indeed a tragedy, the smell is not pleasant either I guess. I hope you can get it out somehow.
  9. Oh man! I am so sorry this happened to you. Contact Barbra right away and hopefully they can save her.
  10. Oh shoot! I wish I could help, Barbara from LMB might be your best bet? I hope your city can be restored!
  11. OMG, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I had goosebumps just looking at the pictures and reading your story. Contact the kind and skilled folks at LMB ASAP. And good luck.
  12. eeeew, send to LMBs they will sort it!!
  13. I know everyone is thinking this, but not saying it, "What in the world were you thinking, girl?" I am laughing as I'm writing this, shaking my head, and thinking about some of the dumb things I have done.

    I am truly sorry that your bag is suffering - I can imagine the smell is horrendous, and the stain is, well, unbelievable. Call LmB, talk to them, and see if anything can be done. If they tell you from the get-go that it is a total dye job, you may want to read some of the threads in the Care & Maintenance section to see if you would want to try to dye it yourself. I'm thinking about you and your bag right now. :hugs:
  14. Oh my! Fingers crossed you manage to get it all sorted.
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    Oh, no! I am so sorry for you! Your beautiful bag!
    This is going to sound really naive, but if you wash it with baby wipes, and let it dry, do you think it might be ok? (I know, it's a longshot) Some girls have washed their bags in the sink with mild detergent, and they turned out really well.
    Is it that color because it's wet, or because it's stained into the leather? If it's stained, your best bet would be Barbara at LMB, or a really good leather/shoe repair place. I'm so sorry. :crybaby: