Balenciaga Town which one?

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  1. Hi I am lusting after a Town and can't decide whether to get a Classic or a silver Giant hardware. I'd like a dark colour, Anthracite or Canard. Can anyone tell me if the leather is different on the two styles ie. thicker on the GH ones? Also any photo's would be appreciated - I have exhausted all the Town threads on here, I just want to see some new piccies of Towns and the leather!! :biggrin::graucho:

    Thanks guys xx
  2. I have both an RH Town and a GH Town - The leather on mine all feel the same - the GH are not thicker than my RH ones. Leather thickness sort of depends on the year of production IMO. I'll post pics for you tomorrow.
  3. Hi

    Thank you! That would be fabulous. :smile: