Balenciaga Town vs Proenza Schouler Ps1 Tiny

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm looking for a lightweight crossbody that I can dress up or down, and really like the Town and the PS1 Tiny. Does anyone have both? Would love to hear your opinions on which I should get. Thanks!!
  2. i dont have them but i do have 4 citys and 1 ps1. I find ()even normal) PS1 very light and practical, lots of separated spaces inside. if i were to choose between bal mini city or ps1 tiny, i'd pick ps1 tho.
  3. I feel like the town is more dressy and the PS1 is more casual looking imo. I've had the town and loved it, I have the PS1 but medium not tiny which I also love. The PS1 has a tad more organization than the town, front pocket inner pocket, and outer back pocket(however I don't know if the tiny has that). The town has a smaller outter pocket, a inner zip pocket, and possibly two smaller pockets (cell phone size). My town was one of the original ones but the newer bags seem to have the extra inside pockets in them but check it out irl first. If I were to pick between the two I'd go for the town over the PS1 for 2 reasons. First imo it is dressier of the two the PS1 can be a bit androgynous depending on the color you get. And secondly my PS1 has severe cracking in the glazing on the edges. As much as I love my PS1 I doubt I will ever buy another. Every time I use it I always forget how much I love it. However the cracking in the glazing is a huge minus in my book I can't justify the cost of buying a new one. I know nothing lasts forever but to spend 4 figures on a bag to see wear and tear so poorly is really disappointing.

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  4. I have both bags in black color. I love both of them - both are easy to match, practical with big volume ( yes I'm impressed by how much PS1 Tiny can hold). I think you may choose based on your styles. If you want more dressy, classy look, you may go with Town but if you want something cool, then you may choose PS1 Tiny. It also depends on the color and styles too. Even for town, different color and hardware combination will have different looks. Hope this helps ;)

    Attaching a pic of my lovely Town and PS1 Tiny for your comparison.

  5. Wow thanks for the photo it's great to see them side-by-side! It's great to hear you love both. I have a black rghw city and a ps1 medium in smoke and I love them both, but slightly prefer the ps1 because it's more organized and hangs better on my shoulder. It's definitely a little more casual though. Do they fit the same amount of stuff?
  6. Oh no, I'm sad to hear about the ps1 is only 5 months old so I'm hoping that doesn't happen. Totally agree that the town is dressier -- that would be a big plus for fancier evenings. Although I have a toddler so those nights are rare!
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