Balenciaga Tomette Papier Office Zip A4

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  1. Fresh from Neimans! The moment I touched the leather, I was hooked. It's a bit thin but very supple and drapes very well. I love the quiet understated elegance and it's super light and easy to carry. I just hope it won't fall victim to color transfer very easily.

    Being my first Balenciaga, I'd appreciate any tips on maintenance/care of this gorgeous calf skin...

    Wish there were more Papier fans out there so we could join in the excitement together! :smile: Any questions, ask away.

    She's a beauty:
  2. Congrats! I love it😊I was considering black, but I love this color. I wonder too about color transfer. Enjoy.. It's beautiful!
  3. Thank you :smile: I was also intending on black but I was drawn to this color, very soft and soothing.
    Here it is next to my bronze LV Empriente Curieuse. Super neutral duo :smile:
  4. can it fit over your shoulder? is it slouchy when worn or more structured?
  5. It can be worn on the shoulder. The good thing about this bag is that the straps are adjustable so you can make them a bit longer if needed. Since the leather is super soft, it hangs well and appears structured when worn but the moment you put it down, it slouches : ) I think the slouch is great and really shows how soft the leather is. This is how it looks in its "resting" state :P
  6. That's a really great shot! Enjoy your new beauty in good health! :smile:
  7. Thank you! I'm super excited :smile: :yahoo:
  8. Congrats! I just got a black one this afternoon!
  9. Yay welcome to the papier club. What do you think of it so far?
  10. yay~ I just ordered a black version online ~ can't wait to carry it to work!!! I hope it's not too big for my petite 5' 94lb frame...I love that this bag only weights 1 lb...which is very important to me since Im so small~~ excited!

    the color of your bag is gorgeous~!!! I really loved the tomette color more than the black, but I have the Prada Saffiano in Cameo for work already and it's a very similar color...=[

  11. @AuthenticChanel yay very excited for you too! :smile: I am also barely 5'1" and i think the bag is totally wearable because it's so slouchy. I think you'll enjoy it a lot! It's super roomy and smooshy. You'll love setting it down and seeing the leather puddle up.
  12. Beautiful bag!
  13. Thank you @emilybug. It's been over a week and I enjoy it more every day :heart: Thinking I might need to pair it with a little clutch for the errands... have my eye on the arena...
  14. This bag looks fantastic. May I know which picture depicts the true colour best? Also, would you mind posting a mod shot with the bag on your shoulder? I've tried looking for this bag at the boutique but they don't have it in stock. Thanks so much!
  15. @yack, the first pic in the car is in natural light so that would show the best accurate color. i'll try to send an on-the-shoulder shot this evening. thanks!