Balenciaga Tie-Dye Gladiators

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  1. So I know gladiators are not everyone's favorite, but ever since I saw this shoe it has been haunting me to buy it for this spring. What do you think?

    Picture is from the Barney's Resort Mailer


    Am I Crazy?:heart::heart::nuts:
  2. I'm really not into the gladiator sandals.. but these are just gorgeous! I would snap these up in an instant, the color really makes them unique :tup:
  3. ^^^ I dont care for gladiators either ONLY because I am 5' tall and I like to look taller lol. These ones are cool, if you like them get them before they are sold out and you regret not getting them.
  4. I am getting them for sure. I had Barney's hunt me a pair in my size. BalNY only had 37s.

    Thanks for your opinions!
  5. ohh, i love - i want to be the sort of person who would wear these, but am not, which makes me :heart: them more!
  6. Those are GORGEOUS. Post pics when you receive them!
  7. OMG I love them they are beautiful!! I'm not big on flats but I want those!!
  8. Gorgeous, I love them! I love anything tie-dye! Get them & post pics, they are sooo nice!!!!
  9. I think they are gorgeous, BUT I could never wear them:crybaby:
  10. I love gladiators and unlike previously stated, I think they would equally good on petite and tall women alike. I like how subtle the tie dyeing is.
  11. I love those gladiators! I've been obsessed with them ever since I first saw them a couple months ago :love:. Unfortunately the $675 price tag is preventing me from buying them :push:. Why is it I have no problem spending $1000+ for a bag but I can't bring myself to pay more than $200-300 for a pair of shoes? :rolleyes:
  12. ^^ Same here- I try to keep the shoes under $350 for the most part, but I do love these sandals and the color would go with my new French Blue Bal;) Seriously, I'm spending all my clothing budget on Bal these days.
  13. That is what took me so long to buy them. I don't normally pay that much for shoes, but I just couldn't get this pair out of my head.
  14. My rule of thumb is that if you keep thinking about something, you were meant to have it. Hee-hee!

    Love the sandals, they are truly stunning.
  15. THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL. how much are they