Balenciaga The Work or Marc Jacob Stam???

  1. :yahoo: >??????

    :wlae: ????????

    cant decide which one to buy,any suggestion?
  2. Balenciaga! 1.The Work fits a ton. 2. leather's soft, thick, & smooshy 3. colors are TDF 4. tassels are fun 5. great resale value, even for older bags - just check out ebay.:smile:
  3. i would choose the balenciaga... those bags are gorgeous.
  4. Balenciaga! Gorgeous bags
  5. :tender:

    thanQ guys!!!
  6. hard question! I think the balenciaga would be much lighter than the stam though... so keep that in mind when deciding!
  7. balenciaga....
  8. I think you would fit more in the Balenciaga bag by the looks of it.
  9. it depends on what you're using it for...stam is pretty heavy...but I love MJ! good luck!
  10. the work! I have one and love love love it! :heart: I personally don't love the stam, though I do think they are very cool and unique looking...
    Bbags do have great resale value, esp. if kept in great condition! And they are truly addictive ! esp. bec. of all the different styles and beautiful colors to choose from!
  11. I'm giving my vote to Bal as well... it is just gorgeous and the size fools everyone! (looks small, but packs a ton!)
  12. Those are two totally different bags. I don't even see how I could make a decision like that between the two. What are you planning to use the bag for?
  13. balenciaga!!!
  14. Balenciaga - for all the reasons everyone else has mentioned!
  15. Balenciaga all the way!!!