Balenciaga: The rockstar of handbags?

  1. As I've descended more and more into the designer handbag underworld, I've come to realize that every label has its own personality. Chanel is prim and proper, Chloe is free spirited boho-chic, Fendi is that crazy hit-or-miss party girl, etc. It seems to me that Balenciaga is the rockstar of handbags: cool, understated, bold and looks amazing with a gown or sweats. What do you all think?

    (I'm seriously considering buying a BBag. I'm totally in love!)
  2. i think that was very well put.
    The bags are classy and classic while edgy at the same time- not in your face logos, B Bags have passed the test of time and fads.
  3. you know, I never thought about the different design houses that way, but I think you've got it exactly right!
    I say bring out the rock star in you - buy a BBag!
    which one were you thinking of as your first?
    : )
  4. I totally agree...Bbags feel free spirited and non-conforming to me. There are no big phat showy logo's anywhere on the outside of the bag. It's a cult bag to me and I only wear Bbags now!
  5. Definitely get one, you won't regret it. They are sooooooo fun!
  6. A motorcycle bag for sure. Probably a City. And it has to be bright green or pink. No boring colors for my *rockstar*!

    I know! I never thought I would think of my Chloes as boring, but I am becoming completely enamored with Balenciaga. Plus I fancy myself a bit of a rockstar ;).
  7. I agree. LOL.

  8. this is exactly the reason why I love Balenciaga :love:

    I want one soooo badly :crybaby:
  9. I totally agree. It adds a rock/cool edge to any look. Punk couture :p
    Definitely get one - I've never been so in love with any other bag I've had...
  10. You couldn't have put it into better words!
  11. LOL it's so funny that you think that way. I think the same way about different designers! Different bags have different attitudes and emotions that go with it. I love Balenciaga bags because I can wear any one of them with an all black outfit and totally rock it out. The next day, I can put on my staid, classic office clothes (or even scrubs, depending on the day) and take the SAME bag. You really can't say that about a lot of bags!
  12. Very interesting thread indeed! For me Balenciaga is like the Aston Martin ofhandbags. When we think of expensive sports cars we think or Ferrari, Lambourghini, or Porsche.... but not Aston Martin.... which is a very classy at the same time sporty, edgy, and highly undermined car. Bbags too are classy and bursting with personality.
  13. Me too! I'm really obsessed about it too cause I want one so badly.
  14. I love that. And I totally agree! You captured it so perfectly! :yes:
  15. Very well put, chic! No other label has really caught my fancy as much as Bbags have, particularly the motorcycle line. My goodness, these bags are so freakin' addictive not only because of the scrumptious leather, but also because they're so understated.

    Good luck on your choice for first Bbag, and don't forget to post pics once you get it!