Balenciaga - The Day

  1. Does anyone have a picture of this. There's a black one available on, but no picture

    Arggghh! I need a black bag so freaking bad. I think I'm gonna rip my hair out. I'm waiting for the horsebit hobo from Gucci. I can't wait any longer.

    So now I'm starting all over again. I'm so frustrated. Currently I'm thinking about the Speedy 25 in Epi Leather. But I've been hearing about how nice the leather is on the older Balenciagas....

  2. 1balsil.jpg

    The Day in pewter. HTH!:smile:
  3. All your choices are good. I got my bags on Friday.
  4. dee dee ive got the current PDF from Aloha Rag... let me know!
  5. OK, I'll send you a pm with my e-mail addy.