Balenciaga The Day? Twiggy? Or The City?

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  1. which one do you love? is the twiggy too small? it looks kinda small to me. i've only seen the city in medium never seen a twiggy or the day in person. which ones do you reccommend for me to purchase? it will be an everyday bag for me. thanks in advance
  2. I love the Twiggy, I think it has a nice shape. It's on my want list :love:
  3. I prefer the City if you have lots of goodies and it still isnt too big. Ill be getting my Classique tomorrow which is a little smaller, I'll let you know how it compares.
  4. well, i probably not much help, because i've got a twiggy and a city! they both hold quite a lot! hehehehe!!!! :smile:
    what colour are you planning to get???
  5. olive green or white or maybe both.
  6. yeah both :nuts: j/ks
  7. city and day. twiggy is kind of blah to me.
  8. hi moe,

    i think it all depends on how much stuff you need to carry. and, how big of a bag you want to carry and how you carry a bag. they're all great. i just got a Work bag -- i love the size, but it doesn't have a shoulder strap. so, i may return it. i also just ordered a City and a Day bag. you may want to cut out paper that matches the different sizes and see what looks best for what you want. good luck!
  9. That's funny about the paper- I was doing that at work one day. I measured out the dimensions of a purse and it was almost identical to a yellow legal pad so then I was carrying the pad around under my arm and trying it out. What a dork I must have looked like.;)
  10. LOL I guess great minds think alike Moe!:lol: I was just posting in another thread about how I was confused as to which was which, and which was my favorite. How about some photos to clarify? It always helps when the bag is on someone's arm to compare sizes--dimensions don't tend to do much for me:shame:
  11. The Twiggy is not small at all -
    The box is the smaller sibling to the Twiggy.

    I have a caramel Classique on the way - and I am biting my nails on this Ebay auction for an IB City (mdm size)...:evil: Someone needs to buy my paddy so that I can feed my balenciaga addiction.