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I don't have the Box, (I got the Twiggy, instead) but I got to take a good look at them recently at Neimans in SF. I think they are really cute as far as size, the only reason I didn't get it is because I really am obsessed with big bags ( plus, I'm a size 14/16). They are not that much smaller than the Twiggy either maybe a couple inches shorter on length.
Twiggy Box
I do have it in black and I am selling it. I will be listing it today on Ebay; it has been carried once and the leather is NOT all veiny and crackling. private message me if you are interested. Here's a picture:


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Pursemama: thank your for your size comparison, I have also gone to the neimans in S.F. actually just a couple of days ago and only noticed the twiggy. I just bought a box last night on bluefly, and got a really good deal. so hopefully it's to my liking. I'll post pics when I get it in 3 days.
Loganz: Your bag is sooo beautiful, and that leather is soo much better than the distressed looking ones now, when I saw it at Neimans I seriously thought they were close in comparison to pleather. I asked the SA about the leather, and she said after you wear it in it will become soft like the old ones, she said all of the 04 b bags had the same leather to begin with. I was like okay lady, you don't know what your talkin about because on here I've read that balenciaga used a different softer leather before and it's coming back in fall right?? Oh and I'm really interested in your bag, i'll pm you now.
addictedtopurses: hey I got mine on bluefly last night for only $700 and it's listed as "dark red" I'm hoping that it's the bordeaux:P
thanks english girl900:biggrin:
Hi ladies!! It looks to me like this size is not very popular. I'm thinking of getting one and have been checking out ebay but i've been disappointed. any of you girls now if the size is bigger or more roomy than the first?
I think the box is definitely roomier than the First. The Box has more depth. It's like the twiggy but not as wide. I have a twiggy and it holds quite a bit. HTH!
only of this, but it gives you an idea next to a body (albeit a model's body)
(sorry i don't know the source. somewhere from the TFS thread i expect)


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I have since sold this bag, but, here is the box on me: It is much roomier than the first. :biggrin:


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I have the fall '05 caramel box and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It is so roomy and gorgeous, I highly recommend it!

If you'd like to see a box next to a twiggy for size comparison, please see my post on the "documenting balenciaga colors" thread.
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I have a twiggy and a box. They are both roomy and gorgeous bags. I'd compare the box to a toaster and the twiggy to a wide loaf of bread. Those might not be good comparisons! *L* Basically, the box is short and fat and the twiggy is long and fat.

There is a pic of my box and twiggy side by side in the "documenting balenciaga colors" thread. I love them both, but the box size is better for the amount of things I carry.